Traveling TwinGo: United Kingdom

Calling all Educators and Consultants!


Jan 3-19- Twin Sling & Dartmoor Sling Library, Devon
Jan 21-Feb 4- Coventry Sling Library, Coventry 
Feb 6-20- Sheffield Sling Surgery, Sheffield
Feb 22-Mar 8- North London Sling Library, North London
Mar 9-20- Highgate & Crouch End Twins Club, Highgate & Crouch End
Mar 9-20- Eastbourne Sling Library, Easbourne
Apr 11-25- Liverpool Sling Library, Liverpool
Apr 27-May 11- Teesside Sling Library, Teesside
May 13-27- Embracing The Tree, Buckinghamshire
May 29-Jun 12- Oxford Sling Library, Oxford
Jun 14-28- Slinging Around Sling Library & Dumfries and Galloway, Dumfries and Galloway
Jun 30-Jul 14- Stroud Sling Library, Stroud
Jul 16-30- Stockport Sling Library, Stockpot 
Aug 1-14- CarryMoor Sling Library, West Yorkshire

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