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What is the TwinGo Carrier?

TwinGo is the first ergonomic twin baby carrier designed to carry one or two children of equal or varied sizes (pat pend). Works great for twins or children of different ages! This carrier can be worn as a dual carrier or divided into two separate carriers.



What do the Experts have to say?

"Research has shown that touch and proximity positively affect the health of a baby and is a powerful way to bond with children. The TwinGo provides parents a safe and ergonomic solution to comfortably provide close interaction with their children. Its ease of use and adjustability offers the perfect fit regardless of body type. I have tried many different carrier; I recommend the TwinGo to other parents of twins, as it has empowered me as a parent."

Laura Oliver, NICU, RN
NICU Nurse, mother of twins, daily TwinGo user

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...and what do parents have to say?

  Best baby carrier!!!

"Wonderfully made dual baby carrier! The design is so well thought out. It's so light weight and the material is so soft. I can hardly believe that tandem wearing can feel so effortless. It's simple to use with easy instructions. Twingo shipped to me right away and answered all of my many questions very thoroughly. I am so happy with this and it has made my life so much easier. Thank you! "

A TwinGo user from

A Must Have!

"This carrier is a must have for any twin Mum. It has now made it easy taking my 4 kids out for anything from the school run to a full day out. Highly recommend. Easy to use, comfortable and my boys love being in it."

A TwinGo user from

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