Panel Extender


The TwinGo Panel Extender allows the TwinGo Carrier to grow with your child! This innovative accessory extends the height of the carrier by 4 inches (10.1 cm) to provide additional head/neck support for newborns or provide additional back support for large toddlers & preschoolers.

3 versatile uses:

  • Support for a newborn's neck and head
  • Prevent larger babies from leaning backwards
  • Back support for toddlers and preschoolers

5 high-quality features:

  • Premium 100% cotton fabric to match the TwinGo Carrier
  • Sturdy and flexible foam
  • Snap to the TwinGo Carrier
  • Compatible with the Sleep Hood
  • Washable and easy to clean

When to add the Panel Extender?

The Panel Extender can be used during three different stages:
1) Newborn stage - for added head/neck support,
2) Leaning stage - to prevent your child from leaning backwards, and
3) Toddler stage - for added back support

*For newborns, only use the Panel Extender in combination with the TwinGo Infant Insert starting at 7 lbs (3.2 kg).

Is the Panel Extender compatible with all TwinGo Carrier models?

Yes, the Panel Extender is compatible with the TwinGo Air, TwinGo Original and TwinGo Lite models.

Can the Sleep Hood snap to the Panel Extender?

Yes, the row of snaps at the top of the Panel Extender allows you to snap on the Sleep Hood, if your baby needs it.

How many Panel Extenders are inclueded in a package?

There is one Panel Extender per package. You have the option to choose your desired colors and/or quantity.

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