Endorsements & Reviews

Medical Advisors

Chiropractor and father of 4 children"I absolutely recommend the TwinGo Carrier as the best product available for adults needing to carry more than one child at a time. The front/back carrying configuration is the safest and healthiest method to carry two children at once. The hip and shoulder straps are wide and soft to provide superior weight distribution. The symmetrical design promotes a healthy posture for the adult and the inward facing carrying position of the child supports the needs of the child's developing spine."

Dr. Aaron Young 
DC CSCS, father of 4



Nurse endorses twin baby carrier"Research has shown that touch and proximity positively affect the health of a baby and is a powerful way to bond with children. The TwinGo Carrier provides parents a safe and ergonomic solution to comfortably provide close interaction with their children. Its ease of use and adjustability offers the perfect fit regardless of body type. I have tried many different carrier; I recommend the TwinGo to other parents of twins, as it has empowered me as a parent."

Laura Oliver, NICU, RN
NICU Nurse, mother of twins, daily TwinGo user



Twin baby carrier endorsed by babywearing educator, lactation consultant, retailer"The TwinGo Carrier is by far the best tandem baby carrier ever invented! I have been working with moms of multiples and close-age babies for 7 years in home, in the hospital, and in my retail store and I can say without a doubt that the TwinGo has provided these parents with a simple and easy-to-use solution for transporting, comforting, or just managing the logistics of having two babies at the same time.  The TwinGo is an easy must-have for families with multiples."

Rebecca Greene-Morse
LC, CBE, CPST, mother of 3 

twin baby carrier endorsed by physical therapist"The TwinGo Carrier has many ergonomic benefits for both parents and children. The TwinGo Carrier’s inward-facing front/back design places the children close to the parent's center of gravity. Having the weight close to your own center of gravity decreases muscular fatigue, and the potential for strain to the upper and lower back. Parenting is a 24/7 job with no options for breaks. I recommend the TwinGo Carrier to any parent who has more than one child.

Aaron Petty
Physical Therapist, father of 4



twin baby carrier endorsed by massage therapist"The TwinGo Carrier enables mothers of multiples to bond with their babies while transporting them with safety and ease.  The TwinGo allows for equal distribution of weight for mother and baby, limiting stress on the low back, neck, and shoulders.  So frequently, new moms often complain of headaches, shoulder discomfort, and low back discomfort caused by breastfeeding, lifting, and/or the trauma of pregnancy. The TwinGo helps to strengthen core muscles in  parents and caretakers while properly redistributing the weight to the hips and minimizing the stress placed on the upper body.  The TwinGo is a safe, effective, and high quality product that I highly recommend to any mother of multiples or children close in age."

Jacque Young 
Licensed Massage Therapist, mother of 4