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Behind the scenes of TwinGo

The family behind the TwinGo Carrier TwinGo Pillow

In early 2010, my twins were born 6 weeks premature so my babywearing experience started in the NICU with Kangaroo Care. That skin to skin contact was immensely important for my twin’s ability to thrive and to make breastfeeding successful for all of us. After coming home, I felt beyond overwhelmed as I found myself alone most of the time—my husband worked long hours at a demanding job, we have no family around and very little outside help available. Desperation set in. I had heard other parents of singletons say how babywearing made their lives easier but the logistics of carrying two was perplexing to me. I felt completely outnumbered. Mommy guilt grew as I knew keeping my babies close was important—but who was I supposed to hold when both were crying?! I turned to my local twins group for support. I am deeply grateful to the two moms in my club who saw my struggle and offered to teach me more about babywearing for two. They helped me wear two independent baby carriers to carry my twins at the same time. The spirit of TwinGo is deeply rooted in this very moment—experienced moms helping and enabling a new mom.

Tandem babywearing empowered me to do more than what I had initially set out to accomplish—I was able to leave the house alone without a stroller, keep both my babies close while still having hands free to multitask, and I didn’t have to choose whose tears to sooth during those witching hours. However, wearing two baby carriers at the same time—one on front and one on back—had its drawbacks. The bulkiness of two sets of shoulder straps on my petite body and overlapping waist belts were just some of the issues I experienced. In early 2011 I decided to make my own DIY tandem baby carrier that was efficient to use with ergonomics in mind—this was the beginning of the TwinGo Carrier. Less than 1 year later I filed for a patent, registered my business in Virginia and started selling prototypes in Jan 2012. After that first production run, I was touched by the positive responses from the dozens of parents who I helped tandem babywear in the TwinGo Carrier. Today we are enabling thousands of parents across the US and in Europe, Australia and other parts of the world to keep their children close.

After four years of research, development and market presence, TwinGo’s sophisticated design not only meets ergonomic and comfort expectations, but it passed rigorously safety testing in both the US and Europe. What makes patented TwinGo really unique is the convenience of three products in one: it can be a tandem twin carrier for one adult to carry two children or it can be divided into two independent single carriers for two adults to carry one child each. The carrier works great for twins or children of different ages (i.e. baby and toddler). The carrier sports two adjustable, removable sleep hoods and extra-large pockets to store diaper bag essentials or fold the entire carrier inside for compact storage.

Creating the TwinGo Carrier and starting a new business has been an adventure full of ups and downs. I have remained highly motivated knowing that I am able to empower parents to keep their children close. Babywearing has so many benefits and I am excited that parents of twins get to share in that experience too.

Krystal Workman
Inventor/Mom of young twins
TwinGo LLC