Traveling TwinGo Program

Looking to add more tandem wearing options?

Consider hosting a traveling TwinGo Carrier!

Calling all Educators and Consultants!
We would like to announce the Traveling TwinGo Program. There has been a lot of interest in reviewing and testing the TwinGo Carrier. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate all requests with a free carrier. As a compromise, we have allotted a few carriers to travel the US and around the world.

Who Can Apply?
Non-profit groups that maintain a babywearing lending library for parents’ use are encouraged to apply. Consultants and retailers who host babywearing workshops may also apply. If you need additional information, please contact us.

Tour Schedule
Each Host will have approx. two (2) weeks to demo the carrier. Each Host agrees to advertise and hold at least one public event to allow members and non-members to try the traveling carrier. TwinGo LLC will list a complete tour schedule on it's website and Facebook page. Tour stops will be ordered based on true and current needs of parents of multiples (or families with multiple children close in age). We reserve the right to advertise your organization's name, website (or other social media site), and geographic location to help us understand local interest in test driving a TwinGo Carrier.

Shipping Details
TwinGo LLC will pay for the initial shipping to launch the carriers into the field while Hosts will provide “Pay it forward” shipping to transfer the carrier to the next location. Hosts in the US will pay $15 USD and Hosts outside the US will work with a regional representative to determine the one-way shipping cost.