Infant Insert


The Infant Insert is an innovative cushion placed inside the TwinGo Carrier to support newborns over 7+ lbs in an ergonomic position. The healthy hip and spine position can be achieved in the Fetal Position or Straddle Position. This accessory is intended for the Front Carry only. With two adults available, you can divide the TwinGo Carrier into two independent carriers for each adult to carry one baby on their front. The cushion is made of premium soft foam and covered with 100% black cotton fabric.

Why do I need the Infant Insert? 

When full-term babies are 0-3 months, they have limited hip motion and short legs that cannot straddle the panel of the carrier. For these two reasons, the Infant Insert allows a baby to comfortably sit in the TwinGo as early as 7lbs in the Front Carry Position. Without the addition of the insert, you can start using the TwinGo in Front Carry Position at 10lbs (or when your baby can comfortably straddle the carrier from knee-to-knee). The average full-term baby can comfortably straddle the carrier from knee-to-knee around 3 to 4 months old.

When do I use the Infant Insert? 

Use the Infant Insert to support newborns starting at 7 lbs (3.2 kg) and up to the developmental stage when your baby's legs can naturally spread to straddle the panel of the TwinGo Carrier.

How do I use the Infant Insert? 

Before placing your baby in the carrier, slide the tail of the Infant Insert directly into the waistband; the label on the Infant Insert will touch your stomach. Bring your baby to your chest and place your baby's bottom on top of the round cushion. If your baby's hips have limited motion, he will sit in the fetal position. If your baby's hips have more advanced motion, he will spread his legs to straddle the cushion. Your Infant Insert will come with an instruction manual to illustrate these steps.

What if my newborn needs more head or neck support? 

If your baby has a long torso and requires additional neck and head support, you can either 1) roll the Sleep Hood behind your baby's neck and secure it in place with the extension straps or 2) you can add the TwinGo Panel Extender for a firm head support option.

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