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Are you purchasing a TwinGo Carrier today?

If you order the Lite Model, you can use these Shoulder Straps to convert your Lite Model into two single-child carriers! Two adults will have their own baby carriers so each can carry one baby. Snuggle babies on walks with your favorite adult!

If you order the Original Model or Air Model, these Shoulder Straps are included with these two models. Without any additional purchase, you will be able to convert your TwinGo Carrier into two single-child carriers.

Did you lose your Shoulder Straps to your TwinGo Carrier?

You must purchase shoulder straps that are compatible with your carrier. We ONLY stock Shoulder Straps for TwinGo Carriers made between 2017-2024. We no longer stock Shoulder Straps for carriers made between 2014-2016. If you do not know when your carrier was made, please email us the batch number that is located on the waistband label (starts with #). We are happy to help! Replacement Shoulder Straps are only sold in black.

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