TwinGo Pillow Reviewed by Postpartum Physical Therapist

January 28, 2021

TwinGo Pillow reviewed by postpartum physical therapist for breastfeeding twins

Product Review

by Katie Bayer, Postpartum Physical Therapist & mother of twins

As an in-home postpartum physical therapist, I get to see moms in their actual breast/bottle feeding environment. My most common piece of advice? “Pillows, lots of pillows to put behind you, around you and in front of you.” This helps the mom to maintain good posture and allows babies to be raised enough so that they can come to breast and not the other way around.  Their breastfeeding pillows could be a part of that setup, but other pillows were needed to give the necessary support. 

As a mom of twins, I also understand the need for SIMPLICITY.  If something makes my life harder, then I won’t be doing it.  Breastfeeding twins has its own challenges, and I only want to use something that will make it easier. If a feeding pillow requires a lengthy set up, or frequent adjustments during feeding then most moms will just leave it sitting in the corner (where it belongs!).

The TwinGo Nurse and Lounge Pillow seems to have figured out how to make mom comfortable while also placing babies at just the correct height and position, which can be set up and adjusted easily.  One of the most common complaints new moms have is lumbar and thoracic pain from the prolonged period spent hunching over their baby as they try to get a good latch or bottle feed.  The TwinGo pillow has a firm back support to help mom to sit up straight and supported. The stacking pillows allow for varied height and angles, which can easily be adjusted even as the baby is feeding. Win-win!!

Having firm support all the way around you is especially important in those first few weeks after delivery, when your abdominal muscles are still recovering.  You simply won’t be able to hold yourself up during those many minutes and hours spent feeding your baby.  If you are a C-section mom, you will also love how soft the support feels on your incision area.  It’s sooooo wonderfully soft. 

I wish this pillow had been around when I was nursing my twins.  My babies were slow feeders, and having this much support during those many hours nursing or bottle feeding them would have made a huge difference on my physical well being.  I definitely have a new pillow recommendation for my postpartum moms- whether they have twins or a single the TwinGo Nurse and Lounge Pillow is a must.