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The TwinGo Original Toddler/Baby Bundle is a great option for parents of two children of different ages! You will have the ability to carry your toddler on your back and your newborn on your front. You and your partner will also have the option to divide the TwinGo to each carry one child!

Plus, our ergonomic inward-facing position is healthy for your baby's hip development and enables you to comfortably carry the added weight of two.

What you get with this bundle:

Why you need this bundle:

  • Economical: This affordable system is cheaper and more functional than purchasing two separate carriers.
  • Versatile: Can be used by one parent as tandem twin carrier or used by both as single carrier. It also works for both twins and children of varied size.
  • Comfortable: An ergonomic design with a 100% cotton exterior provides comfort for both you and your babies.
  • Adjustable: The waist and shoulder straps allow for a custom fit for adults 4'11" to 6'5." Can accommodate children between 10lbs-45lbs, and as small as 7lbs with the TwinGo Infant Insert.
  • Compact: The entire carrier collapses into its own pocket, making this perfect for travel.

Are your children born close-in-age? If are still carrying your toddler and have another baby on the way, chances are both your children will have needs to be cuddled and want it at the same time.

The TwinGo Original is the first dual-child carrier that allows you to carry two children simultaneously in an ergonomic front/back position (patent pending). In addition, our ingenious design allows you to divide the TwinGo Original into two single-child carriers so two adults can independently carry one child each (ex. mom can carry the newborn and dad can carry the toddler or vice versa). 

Plus, our ergonomic inward-facing position is healthy for your baby's hip development and enables you to comfortably carry the added weight of two.

The TwinGo Original also provides you two generously-size pockets that help you get out without the bulk of a diaper bag! The pockets are just the right size to fit your diapering and on-the-go essentials but not too big to impact the comfort of the child or the balance of the adult. The pockets also serve as a clever reversible storage compartment! Watch this video

  • TwinGo Base Carrier: This carrier has a blue or green interior and a permanent set of shoulder straps. When in tandem-mode, this carrier is worn on the adult's back. When in single-child mode, this carrier can be worn on the adult's front or back.
  • TwinGo Attachment Carrier: This carrier has an orange or yellow interior and a set of removable shoulder straps, included with this bundle. When in tandem-mode, the shoulder straps are removed, the carrier is worn on the adult's front and attached to the shoulder straps of the Base Carrier. When in single-child mode, the shoulder straps are added to the carrier and worn on the adult's front, back or hip.

Sleep Hood: The blue/green and orange/yellow sleep hoods included with this bundle have three purposes:

  • To support a sleeping baby's head in an upright ergonomic position (without a hood, the baby's head will flop backward in an uncomfortable position),
  • To provide shade from the sun or privacy while breastfeeding, and
  • To provide 2.5" of added head/neck support to a newborn when rolled and tucked behind the baby's neck.

Panel Extender: With the addition of our unique Panel Extender, you can lengthen one of the carriers by 4 inches to accommodate a tall toddler for full back support. The firm foam of the Panel Extender holds its shape and continues to provide support even if the child prefers to ride with his arms outside the carrier. The Panel Extender is interchangeable with either the Base or the Attachment Carrier and still has snaps available for a Sleep Hood if your toddler still naps in the carrier!

Infant Insert: With the addition of our sleek Infant Insert, you can carry a newborn starting at 7lbs. Newborns 0-3 months have limited hip motion. The Infant Insert provides an elevated, narrower seat so the newborn--with short legs and limited hip motion--can comfortably sit in the carrier and achieve a healthy hip positioning. Once your baby can comfortably straddle the carrier from knee-to-knee, you can stop using the Infant Insert (typically around 3-4 month old for full-term babies).The Infant Insert is for Front Carry Position only.

  • Safety Feature: Dual-adjust buckles with back-up Safety Elastic Loops
  • Waistband: 22-55” as a single carrier; 26-110" as dual carrier; 6 waistband configurations
  • Shoulder Straps: 17.5-42.5" to accommodate petite and large frames
  • Minimum Weight: 10 as a single carrier; 7-10lbs with Infant Insert
  • Maximum Weight: 45lbs as a single carrier; 70lbs combined as a dual carrier
  • Fabric: 100% soft black exterior fabric; extra soft blue/green & orange/yellow interior fabric
  • Manual: User-friendly instructions listing all carry positions and accessory uses
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 9.5 x 10"
  • Item Model Number: TwinGoOriginal+II
  • Item Weight: 4lbs 8oz

Safety warning: Only use this carrier for children between 10 lb (4.6 kg) and 45 lb (18.2 kg), or 7-10 lbs with TwinGo Infant Insert. Children must face toward you at all times. Do not use the Back Carry Position with a baby younger than 4 months or with poor head and neck control. Dual carry weight not to exceed 70 lb (31.8 kg); seek a qualified physician for personal strength limitations. Read all instructions before assembling and using the soft carrier.

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