20 Things NOT To Say To Parents of Twins

February 28, 2017

20 things not to say to a parent of twins

Once you enter the world of twins, you get a taste of fame--like it or not. You are either a local celeb or a freak of nature. People not only watch you walk around in public spaces but they stop you to ask questions that fulfill their curios appetites. It is amazing how bold people can be when they don't even know you. We have identified 20 common questions/comments strangers have said to us while out and about with our twins. Interesting enough the flow of the conversation is very similar each time.

1. "Are they both yours?" Yes. "Are they twins?" Yes.
2. "You are so lucky." Sometimes I think I am. [insert surround-sound crying here]
3. "Is it a boy and a girl?" Yep.
4. "Lucky! So that means you are done." We'll see what happens.
5. "Which is your favorite?" Both of them.
6. "I meant, do you tend to favor one over the other?" I try hard to keep things equal. [cue feelings of mom guilt]
7. "So are they identical twins?" No, one is a boy and one is a girl...
8. "Oh, I guess they can't be identical then. Are they natural?" Natural, well, they aren't aliens.
9. "I heard that fraternal twins aren't natural." That's not a true statement.
10. "I mean did you do something to get twins...like a drug or something?" That's a pretty personal question to ask. Are you asking about particular sex positions?
11. "Well, I guess I should have asked if twins run in your family." Yes. Both sides.
12. "Cool. I know someone with twins." That's neat.
13. "I always get pregnant really easy. I hope I do [or don't] have twins. Did you plan your pregnancy?" We knew we wanted kids.
14. "That stinks for those that can't have kids and you get two at once. Aren't you glad you don't have triplets! Have you heard of that Octomom? That would be crazy!" Yep, I am sure it would be.
15. "I don't know how you do it with 2 babies." They are on the same schedule so that helps. "That's too bad each baby can't follow their natural body's schedule."
16. "Well it will be way easier when they are toddlers and can play with each other." I hope so. "Or they might run in two different directions. [chuckling at the thought] Then that might be hard."
17. "I think it is actually harder to have two kids at different ages." No comment.
18. "Are you able to nurse them?" Yep. They are normal babies.
19. "Do you do it at the same time or one at a time?" Same time.
20. "I bet that feels weird. It is a good thing these are your first because you don't know any different. Well, good luck. Bye." and I think...Good luck to you in making new friends.