Share your NICU Story with Stickers to raise awareness!

September 19, 2022

Share your NICU story with Stickers to Raise Awareness!

September is NICU Awareness month. Use our NICU stickers in your Facebook & Instagram stories and share about your NICU journey to raise awareness and help emotionally support other families who are on the NICU journey.

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Two ways to get NICU stickers:

Option 1. Visit Giphy and enter "@twingocarrier" or "NICU" in the search bar. You can then pick and choose which ones to download.

Option 2. Scroll down to download stickers directly from this page to your phone. Right click on the image of your choice (or hold down on your smart phone) and save to your device!

How to add NICU stickers to Instagram Stories?

1. Click the sticker button inside the Story feature on Instagram

2. Scroll down & click the add photo button

3. Select the sticker(s) you saved



Download these NICU stickers to your phone now!