TwinGo || NICU Preemie Twins Rescued from Kyiv by US Military Veterans

March 10, 2022

Imagine your surrogate going into labor as a war breaks out. This happened to Alex Spektor & Irma Nuñez.

Their surrogate gave birth in Kyiv shortly after the Ukraine came under attack. Mom & Dad live in Chicago, IL and were desperate to help their babies safely leave the country. 

They reached out to a group called Project Dynamo based in Florida. This nonprofit group is run by US Military veterans, and they operate a specialist extraction team that help rescue people from war zones.

They named the operation, Operation Gemini (see what they did there?) Their team consisted of neonatal specialists, doctors, a nurse, as well as a Ukrainian ambulance crew. 

This amazing crew drove over 13 hours to safely bring these miracle twins to their father who was waiting at the Poland border. 

"The emotions come later. Because it's just, it's too huge," Dad says, "The twins, I just had to look at them and be saturated with their presence."

There have been many people involved, and Dad can't stop talking about them! Here is is with the ambulance crew as well as Project Dynamo organizer Bryan Stern.

In a region that's suffering from war, there was a moment of cheer. So thankful to hear stories like this.

We wish Alex, Irma, and their new boys Lenny & Moishe nothing but health & happiness ahead, and a safe trip back home to the USA when they're strong enough!

📸 All photos credit from Project Dynamo