Introducing the TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow!

January 07, 2021

TwinGo Pillow New twin product for mom of twins

Before today, there has not been a breastfeeding pillow on the market that meets all a mother's needs in one. Before today, mothers have been using multiple pillows, blankets and other products piled together to try to fit their unique body size and shape. Before today, no other product truly offered multiple uses to support growing babies from preemies to beyond sitting. Until today, no other pillow could truly convert for use between one to two babies.

This is why TODAY we are so happy to introduce our next life-changing product! The TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow is a multi-use pillow system with 8 versatile uses and 8 great features. We have truly thought out all the details and solved a lot of longstanding issues present in other products. The TwinGo Pillow is unlike any pillow on the market, even among pillows designed for just one baby!  Continue reading to see exactly why the TwinGo Pillow is a must-have for every baby registry.

8 Ways to Use Your TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow

1. Tandem Breastfeeding

In order to successfully tandem breastfeed, its vitally important to bring your babies up to your chest height (versus mom leaning down to the babies). Height is so important for a successful latch, as well as your ability to comfortably sustain the duration of the feed (and then repeat over and over day after day). If you do not achieve proper height with your babies, your neck and back will become strained, tense and sore as you lean forward to try to position yourself and your babies. The TwinGo Pillow allows you to stack two pillows to achieve optimal height for tandem breastfeeding. Pillow stacking is key for preemies, newborns, small babies and mothers learning to breastfeed. As your babies grow and you advance in your breastfeeding skill, you have the option to lower the height of your stack and even use just one pillow!

2. Tandem Bottle Feeding

If you choose to bottle feed your twins some of the time or all of the time, the TwinGo Pillow offers you several comfortable feeding positions to accommodate your changing needs:

Option 1: For babies and parents who want to maintain physical closeness, you can still stack the TwinGo Pillows and position the babies at your side in the double-clutch breastfeeding position.

Option 2: Use the TwinGo Pillow fasten as two separate loungers to bottle feed babies to your side or in front of you.

Option 3: Get the best of both worlds, by using one pillow on your lap and the other pillow at your side! 

Likely you'll use all of these options at some point depending on your location, each baby's personality and their changing needs. Or perhaps you prefer one position while your partner prefers a different!

3. Single Breastfeeding

The TwinGo Pillow can convert into a standard breastfeeding pillow for a single baby to support the 3 most popular pillow feeding positions: Cradle, Cross-cradle and Clutch. Learning to breastfeed one baby at a time helps you understand each baby's personality and individual needs, as these highly influence latch and feeding duration. Plus, if mom is new to breastfeeding, she also needs to learn the art in the simplest way possible! Taking adequate time to learn how to breastfeed one baby at a time will set your twin feeding journey up for success. The coolest feature about the TwinGo Pillow is that while one baby nurses, the other baby can chill in the lounge pillow nearby! Get it...Nurse & Lounge...see what we did there 😉

4. Lounge Pillows that actually work!

Use the TwinGo Pillow separately in the lounge position for your babies to safely lay on their backs while awake in an ergonomic, gently sloped position. Our thoughtful design keeps babies feet slightly raised so your little ones will not wiggle or kick themselves out of the position, preventing slumping. The pillow can adjust smaller to fit preemies, as well as adjust larger to accommodate bigger babies. Enjoy interacting and getting face time with each little one. With two independent pillows, you are provided the most versatility for moving all over your house based on your ever-changing daily needs! Plus our compact pillows are convenient for small homes.

5. Tummy Time with optimal positioning

Use the TwinGo Pillow for developmental pay! Tummy Time is essential to your babies' development of the core muscles in the neck, back and shoulders. Further it is a crucial exercise for baby's visual, motor, and sensory development. While other pillows claim to support Tummy Time functionality, our pillow has been strategically designed to fill the exact purpose. The top of dual-core foam pillow provides gentle trunk support while the firm bottom creates friction on the floor to reduce movement when your babies wiggle. Having your baby on a raised pillow allows you to place a brightly colored toy or mirror just in front to motivate your child to lift his head and move his arms.

6. Safe zone for newbie sitter

When your babies show interest for sitting, your TwinGo Pillow will continue to be handy! Since newbie sitters have limited stability, numerous tip overs in unpredictable directions is the norm. Our U-shaped pillow offers your newbie sitter 180 degrees of plush surrounding as a soft landing zone, and you have the option to use the buckles to fasten the pillow loosely around your baby's hips for additional support.

7. Massage pillow that fits all sizes!

Yep, you are reading this correctly and it's not a gimmick! As long as you have a wiling and nurturing partner, you can comfortably relax facedown on the TwinGo Pillow for a massage. Being a parent of twins is undoubtedly physically and emotionally exhausting. Plus recovering from a twin pregnancy and childbirth is a long process for your body! And on one final note from, Krystal Workman, the inventor/mom of twins: "Becoming a parent can challenge a couple's ability to connect. When the two of you carve out even a few minutes to offer affectionate touch, it can be a healing and growth experience for your relationship."

8. Lap pillow for work or entertainment

Again, not a gimmick! When you find time for yourself or lock yourself in your room (wether that's to work or watch a movie), your TwinGo Pillow can be used on your lap to prop your computer or tablet at a more comfortable visual height. Plus using the firm back pillow will give you better support than your regular sleeping pillows. And for pregnant mamas on bedrest, this is a great use for you before your twins arrive!

8 Key Features that sets our pillow apart from all other pillows on the market

TwinGo Pillow in bag for twins and mom of twins

1. Lightweight, compact with sleek storage bag

Our lightweight pillow is beautifully designed to make it perfect for gift giving. The quality storage bag means it's easy to travel with between home and the hospital and even on vacation. Your sturdy bag is also great for longterm storage while you consider expanding your family or choose to resell or regift.

TwinGo Pillow for twins Pillow Stacking for mom of twins

2. Pillow Stacking

The TwinGo Pillow allows you to stack the two U-shaped feeding pillows to achieve optimal height for tandem breastfeeding. Height is so important for a successful latch, as well as your ability to comfortably sustain the duration of the feed (and then repeat over and over day after day). If you do cannot raise your babies to the height of your chest, you will find yourself leaning forward to compensate (straining your neck and back in the process). Pillow Stacking is essential for preemies, newborns, small babies and mothers learning to breastfeed. As your babies grow and you advance in your breastfeeding skill, you have the option to lower the height of your stack and even use just one pillow!

3. Buckle system to provide a snug fit

The buckle system on the TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow allows you to achieve a snug fit with no gaps and stays in place, allowing your hands to be 100% available to assist your babies.

4. Dual-core foam

The core of our pillow has two materials: firmer bottom with a softer top. You can use either side with your babies depending on your needs. The firmer side is ideal for preemies, newborns and for mothers learning proper positioning and latch. The softer side is cozy and allows the pillow to function in a variety of ways.

5. Firm back support

The TwinGo Pillow offers more back support than any other pillow on the market! Quality back support is crucial for a parent to comfortably sit the entire duration of the feed, and repeat day in and day out. With newborn twins, parent will often times find themselves seated for several hours so that's why we've invested in quality foam!

6. Flexible to fit XS to XL parents

We know that mamas come in all shapes and sizes, so we design our products to give all mamas the same experience. The adjustable TwinGo Pillow give necessary support while also being flexible enough to even accommodate a mom's changing postpartum body.

7. Plush fabric

The short-fiber fabric gives the softest feeling for you and your babies while the dark color is great at camouflaging baby messes. The TwinGo Pillow's classy grey is gender neutral making it the perfect gift for any expecting mother!

8. Washable, easy to remove cover

When the inevitable spit up or blow out occurs, you will find that the TwinGo Pillow cover smoothly unzips and easy to remove for a quick wash. Even more important is that our cover is just as easy to put back on, as the pillow lining helps it almost glide back into the's easier than regular bed pillows! Twin parents do not have time to fumble around with gear to get it back into working order!

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The TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow is a game changer for new moms! 

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