TwinGo || How To Help A Friend Going Through Infertility

April 05, 2021

We've been down that road, where you're struggling with trying to conceive, and sometimes someone says something they feel is helpful, when it only hurts you more.

We've compiled some great tips to share with your families & friends! 

1. Don't offer unsolicited advice

Chances are your friend has seen numerous doctors regarding their situation and are highly educated on the topic. Please don't say "my neighbor's cousin smelled this oil and ate this herb and now they're pregnant" It's not helpful, and can only make your friend feel worse.

2. Offer your help

If you know your friend is actively cycling and going to appointments, offer to go along for support, or offer a ride, or even just a phone call to check in with them to see how they are.

3. Sock it to them

Infertility patients have so many frequent appointments, and their feet are often in stirrups. Find them a cute pair of socks, it will give them something to smile about every time they're at an appointment. 


4. Just listen

Infertility is an extremely emotional time, between heartache, and medication side effects, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes just listening means the world to someone going through it, to just listen, don't offer tidbits or try to make light of it, but just be there for them.

5. Be their biggest cheerleader

Celebrate every small victory for them, it means the world. Are they ready to trigger, transfer, in the two week wait? Let them know you're rooting for them! Celebrate every victory with them, no matter how small it may seem to you, it means the world to them. 

When they finally bring home their miracles, be sure to love on those little special littles!