10 ways tired parents can still make time for romance

February 05, 2021

Ok, let's talk truth! All new parents know how hard those first few months with newborns can be, especially twin parents! It can be hard to find time for yourself, let alone time together as a couple. We've come up with some ways to help you find some moments to reconnect and keep the intimacy going, even with infant twins!

1. Snuggle & binge

Once the kiddos are asleep, pick a show that you can binge watch together & make that a part of your nightly routine. The tricky part may be staying awake yourselves! 

2. Text something sweet

Surprise your partner with a simple text randomly during the day to let them know they're on your mind and how much you love them.

3. Make it a surprise

If you're out running errands and see your partner's favorite drink, or snack, grab it and have it waiting for them at home as a nice surprise. Or, let's face it, living in an Amazon world, you can add a little something for them to your cart next time you're shopping!

4. Date night at home

Do something, anything together that is not centered around babies or parenting. Be silly, slow dance in the kitchen, play a board game or video game, bake cookies, etc. For all our tired parens, take the guesswork out of the date night planning by creating a "Date Night Jar." As a couple, write down a bunch of ideas that the two of you could enjoy together or that helps you break away from the rigors of parenting and put them in a jar. When you need an idea for fun, just pull one out!

5. Order take out

As much as we'd like to say take turns cooking each other your favorite meals, let's face it, twin parents have a lot going on, so take out your phone and dial up each other's favorite takeout and have a fun floor picnic together!

6. Go back to your roots

Think of something the two of you used to enjoy in those first moments of dating, even if it's a pizza and beer night, recreating those moments can surely spark those initial butterfly moments!

7. Host a food tasting

Instead of a night out, bring the goodies home! Whether it's beverages or sweets, set up a variety to try out, you may each find a new favorite!

8. Give a little

Being there for your partner is so important. Are they swamped with laundry? Maybe switch over and fold a load while they're tending to the littles, if they're tired from a busy day, offer to take the next feeding shift. It's the little actions like that, that mean so much.  

9. Score a night off

This is where the grandmas or trusted friends or family come into play. Call in the reinforcements and take the night off from the littles and enjoy some time out together.

10. Give & Get a Massage

That TwinGo Pillow you have laying around from during the day, take advantage of it once the kiddos are asleep! Simply put the pillow together in the massage format and take turns giving each other massages!