TwinGo || Twin Gender Reveal Ideas

April 05, 2021

Many parents enjoy celebrating and documenting all aspects of this truly magical experience of being pregnant with twins. From announcing your twin pregnancy, to finding out what you're having twins, to announcing their arrivals & sharing every little milestone they encounter. We asked our followers on Instagram if they did a twin gender reveal and we were blown away with the creative responses! If you are debating a twin gender reveal, we hope you get some clever ideas from these magical moments! 

1. Record the reaction!

"Our faces when finding out it was one of each sex... The best of the best!! Great surprise, double the blessing!"

2. Double up on the balloons!

@Arlo.and.Eden "Surrounded by family and friends, we revealed our family was complete with our pigeon pair."

3. Golf balls loaded with chalk

@Vwells126 "My husband and I both enjoy playing golf and prior to even finding out we were having twins we wanted to both be able to hit golf balls for a gender reveal. It worked out perfectly when we both actually needed to hit one for the twins. With COVID restrictions and social distancing this was the first thing my husband was able to be there for so far with the twins and we did a virtual zoom meeting with our families and friends. It really was special, and we are so excited for twin boys! 💙"

4. Tears of joy

@fernandaggovela "Being surrounded by our loved ones 💘💘 and getting the news that we were expecting boy & girl 💘 it was just perfect!" 

5. Rev up your engines!

@alison_p_clark "My husband and my boys love hot wheels and motorcycles so we did a hot wheels gender reveal for baby A and then a motorcycle burn out for baby B. My husband is also in the motorcycle industry to it was fun to incorporate his passion in the gender reveal." 

6. Smoke cannons

@growingwiththecarrigans "We did a virtual gender reveal on our IG and Facebook live and everyone was interactive making guesses. It was memorable because we had never done a cannon gender reveal and struggled at first to pop the powder cannons. People even assumed both were boys because the top of the cannons were silver and looked blue because of their reflection from the sky. It was also special to share it with our 4 year old daughter." 

7. Classy photoshoot

@catdesarno "After miscarriage we couldn’t have been happier to announce our boy/girl twin “rainbow babies”. We got dressed up and did a new years announcement and reveal with balloons on the streets of the town they will grow up in." 

8. Confetti cannons

@_loli90_ "Due to covid we were not able to share this special day with family and friends but we are so blessed to have a baby boy and baby girl! Best of both worlds!" 

9. Farm life

How different was @tayrisch's announcement using tractors! "Two PINK 💗💗"

10. Pokemon Go!

@medro_comedy threw poke-balls to find out their littles! 

11. Lighting up the night

@chanele12 Used the Seattle Great Wheel to announce their boy & girl twins!

12. Beach vibes

It was a nighttime beach reveal for @__christinavj and their family & friends!

13. Get big sis involved!

We love this adorable girl & boy reveal from @amirahcastillo 💗💙 

15. Laugh a lot

@mobayy "Twin Girls are more than we could have ever dreamed of and a lot more attitude than we ever imagined but boy are we ready. Daddy Boyd said from the beginning he put TWO princesses in their for me and I thought no wayyyy!! Well my wish came true I’m gonna be a #girlmom!"

16. Go all out!

It was confetti poppers for @kelseybang when they announced their girls!