TwinGo || 7 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

February 18, 2021


Winter is upon us and sometimes we can all start to run out of ideas to keep the kiddos entertained while indoors. Don't feel down, we've got you covered with some easy tips and activities to try out when you can't get outside!

1. Baking

Baking is the perfect way to explore the flavors of the season with your littles! Let them enjoy helping your pour or mix, they'll enjoy their treat even more if they helped make it!

2. Bring the Snow Inside

Take a bin or bowl outside and grab some fresh (clean) snow and let the kiddos explore on the floor or at the table with spoons, cups, etc. Or jazz it up by letting them use their water color paints too!

3. Mess-Free Fingerpainting

Take a piece of paper cut to fit inside a ziplock baggie. Put a few spoonfuls of paint inside the bag and seal it up. Then, they can squish the paint around to create their own masterpiece! This is great for little fingers of all ages! This is a great high chair or table activity when you need a few minutes! You can also tape it up on a window for some extra added fun as they squish!

4. TwinGo Dance party

Slide on your TwinGo Carrier & throw on some tunes and dance around like no one's watching! Nothing makes babies happier than some music and dancing, it's the perfect cure for cranky, tired, or teething babies! Feel free to take a video and tag us too!

5. Bubbles

When in doubt, break out a bottle of bubbles! Smiles and giggles await you! Is there anything more fun than popping some bubbles? Even if you don't have bubbles, take out that bubble wrap from your last online delivery! Tape it town and let your littles poke or stomp away at it! There's just something so magical about bubbles!

6. Scented Playdough

This is a great activity for littles of all ages! Making playdough sounds harder than it is, but you probably have all ingredients on hand! Mix 2 cups of flour, 1/2 cup of salt, 2 Tablespoons cream of tartar, 2 Tablespoons of oil. Stir in 1-1.5 Cups of Boiling water (before you do- add some food coloring and extracts/essential oils!) Mix it all together until it becomes dough! If it still feels sticky, just add some extra flour until it feels right. Easy way to introduce seasonal smells to the kiddos! Imagine the smells of peppermint or lavender permeating your house!

7. Cuddle Party

Unstack your TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow on your bed or floor, surround yourself with cozy pillows and blankets, some snacks, and pop on a favorite show or movie and lounge right next to your littles. You know the saying, nap when babies nap? Well we definitely help make that possible! Let your littles lounge safely right next to you as you take a moment to unwind with them. The best part? When it's time for their next feed, you just stack your pillows back up and you're already in position!