5 Tips for Gender Neutral Twin Nurseries

February 06, 2019

Decorating for a Duo

twin nursery ideas

Photo credit: Finnian's Moon Interiors

Who doesn’t love a home decorating project?! Those of you scoffing because you prefer to rip open your bed-in-a-bag and call it day, stay with us (you know who you are). After the obligatory purchases of overpriced onesies, many expecting moms-to-be will head straight to the home décor section of Target or Pottery Barn.

And while all this retail therapy can be a fun distraction from the over-the-top morning sickness [links to previous articles?], the challenge of trying to prepare a room for two can make what was once a fun endeavor stressful, particular for our bed-in-a-bag friends. Say it with us and repeat – I can do this! Considering the 50% chance of having boy/girl twins and the popularity of keeping things gender neutral, here are some top tips for putting together a gender neutral twin nursery that will appeal to the most discerning of palates.

1) Consider Your Design Style

Modern twin nursery

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Before you hit the stores, take a few moments to reflect on your design style. Are you more traditional or do you prefer unconventional chic? Do you tend towards minimalist design or do you prefer cozy with collectibles? While your nursery need not go with the rest of your home, it will still be a reflection of your personal taste. Choosing a design that meets your twins’ needs and fits your personal style will likely be your best bet.  

If the whole of your home is white and neutrals (sorry but Joanna Gaines in not available to decorate your nursery until 2021), then perhaps choose a soft pastel or gray to compliment things. If your home reflects a globe-trotting bohemian look, then maybe go bright and bold. Gender neutral does not equal boring. Take some time to browse your favorite stores and pick out an inspiration piece that can drive the rest of your design choices. One easy trick is to add a literary nod to your space (think Eric Carle or Beatrix Potter). This can be a great way to bring that baby feel to a non-traditional nursery. 

2) Shop Smart

mini crib for twins

Photo credit: Finnian's Moon Interiors

Consider the room you are working with. Mini-cribs are an excellent choice for tight spaces. Also consider its function. If you plan to spend lots of time playing and reading in addition to napping [link to sleep article?], you’ll want to provide for sufficient toy storage, display space, and comfy cozy places to snuggle up with the twinzies. A couch or bed reserved for adult naps is always a win.

Finally, consider your goals for the space. Are you the type of person that likes frequent décor changes? Perhaps keep the nursery more “baby” themed? A traditional glider, changing table, and child themed lamp might be right for you, and you can move right along with your design as the twins grow.

If you prefer to buy items you intend to keep for the long haul, be sure to invest in a sturdy dresser (which you can easily adapt to a changing table), cribs that can convert to full size beds, a quality chair, and a high style rug that will resist stains and wear well. A sturdy comfortable rocking chair can be the stuff of family memories for years to come. I dare you not to cry at this article; our apologies hormonal mommas.

3) Think Outside the Big Box Baby Store

twin nursery ideas

Photo credit: Lulu Designs

While places like Target and Pottery Barn are great, you may find yourself more inspired (and more in budget) with less conventional sources. Baby specific items can often come at a premium price. Better pricing on basics and accessories can often be found in the “regular” home section. Check out stores like HomeGoods and World Market for great nursery finds. Thrift stores can provide a thrill for treasure seekers as can online sources like Etsy and Wayfair. Deals can even be had at the Dollar Store or Home Depot. In our global economy, your source list is endless.

4) Make it Livable

twin nursery ideas

Photo credit: Pencil and Paper

While you want the nursery to be a place that is beautiful, keep in mind that it also needs to be functional for your twins. Even if you chose a sophisticated design that doesn’t scream baby, they will feel right at home if you also choose fabrics with cozy textures and include lots of fluffy animals and interesting books to chew on read. While the Restoration Hardware catalogue may have your dream nursery, selections from there may include a future therapy bill (everyone calm down, we’re just kidding). Real twins need real rooms with lots of stuff that can accommodate chewing, crawling, and drooling. Have fun with decorating for this short and special season.

5) Uniform Yet Unique

twin nursery ideas

Photo credit: Brooklyn Berry Designs

Even if you have chosen for everything to completely coordinate, you can still add special touches for the twins that will help each one feel unique. Baby photos and monogram name wall decals are a quick and easy way to bring out the individual in your room. One family had special blankets made with the same materials/colors but different patterns. Another chose different stuffed animals from the same manufacturer for each twins “lovey”. The key is to choose items within an overall theme that coordinate well. Etsy is a great place to find custom items for your specific twin needs.

While decorating for your duo can feel overwhelming at times, embrace that you have the opportunity to create a unique space that is specifically tailored to your tiny twins. No matter how you style (or not) the nursery, as long as it is filled with love, it is a place that has everything they need.

Have your twins outgrown there cribs?  Once they reach the stage for a toddler bed, try this option for a Montessori style bed with a railing. 

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