Meet the Advisor: Laura Oliver, NICU RN

November 29, 2015

twin baby carrier endorsed by NICU nurse and mother of twins | TwinGo CarrierLaura Oliver, NICU RN with Level IV experience enjoys providing family centered, developmentally supportive care with a special interest in positioning of infants for optimal physiological development. Not only is she a NICU nurse, she's also a twin mom with personal NICU experience with her own babies. She's also a member of her local Baby Wearing International chapter.

This NICU nurse and mother of twins recommends our twin baby carrier!

I started using the TwinGo® Carrier as soon as my infants were old enough for back carries. When I first started using my TwinGo® I felt a sense of calm and confidence that I could finally provide the close interaction that both of my babies sometimes needed simultaneously. It was a great tool for getting out and about as well as getting everyday tasks done around the house. My babies are now a year old and we still use the TwinGo® almost daily.
As a NICU nurse, we teach parents the importance of proper positioning in the NICU and at home as well. These principles are also useful when considering baby wearing. The TwinGo® Carrier provides excellent ergonomic  positioning for the babies while maintaining optimum comfort for the wearer. I feel confident when wearing this product that my children’s hips are properly supported in the recommended position. The thighs are supported to the knee joint and the force on the hips is minimal because the legs are spread and adequately supported. The adjustable shoulder straps allow for appropriate support of the spine in an upright position. Equally as important, the TwinGo® provides a comfortable, ergonomic fit for the wearer too. I always feel a good balance in the weight when wearing this carrier as designed. My husband and I both wear the babies in this carrier and the ease of use and adjusting means a perfect fit no matter the body type. I have tried many different carriers and this carrier has far exceeded my expectations in my own comfort while wearing and in the peace of mind knowing that my children are properly supported and positioned.

I would definitely recommend the TwinGo® Carrier to parents of twins or of children close in age. As we know, touch and proximity are a very powerful way to bond with your baby and to make them feel comforted. The benefits to baby wearing are numerous for both the baby and the wearer. Baby wearing allows the baby to feel the rhythm and movements of the wearer and can promote physical development. Research has shown that babies who are touched and held gain weight faster and are healthier than babies who are not. This is especially important in our NICU population. Being held upright is a great thing for babies with reflux too! Baby wearing is economical and now with the TwinGo®, wearing your babies is easy!