9 Tricks for Telling Twins Apart

February 06, 2019

9 Tricks for Telling Twins Apart

1. Personality Tells the Tale

Some twins personalities are polar opposite.  While other sets may only have small personalities differences.  Either way, twins are individuals and will react uniquely in different situations.  

2. Painted Toe Nails

In the first few sleep-deprived after birth a certain color painted toe nail for girl twins or a dot with a marker on the bottom of the foot could help reassure parents of identical twins. 

3. Cry and Facial Expressions

Believe it or not every infant has a slightly different cry and that cute way a newborn wrinkles up his/her nose--it's always subtly different than other newborns.  This is also true for twins and as you spend countless hours holding/feeding/rocking you'll soon become the expert. 

4. Behavior Observations

One twin may be more shy or have a higher pitched voice.  While one twin may be more bubbly and have a lower voice. As infant twins become toddlers, unique behaviors are a sure fire way of telling your twins apart. 

5. Color Key

Once your twins develop a color preference, this can be a great indicator and a huge help to teachers, daycare, and relatives. Come up with a key that is consistent and easy to remember, such as connecting the twins name with his/her favorite color. 

6. Avoid Photo Confusion

Make it easy by including clues in your pictures.  Try using a left, right system where Twin B is always on the right, for example. 

7. Accessorize!

Tiny bracelets, headbands or bows ties are an adorable trick and a tell-tale sign right off the bat as to who is who. 

8.  Right-handed or left-handed

Many twins will have opposite dominant sides.  This doesn't help in the first few years of life, but once this traits is developed it can be a trick, especially if your twins are in the same classroom at school. 

9.  Physical Variations

If you spend enough time observing twins physical appearance, you'll find clues, often subtle, but there's always something.  A slightly thinner nose, or a longer forehead, maybe a tiny freckle on the chin.  

📷 Instagram user theharringtwinsmama

Many expectant twin parents worry about being able to tell their own twins apart from one another, but once your little bundles of joy arrive you'll easily and expertly find a system that works for you.  It will become second nature as you hold them in your arms and snuggle up with each one individually.