Have an Awesome Autumn: Fall Activities For Twins

October 06, 2017

fall activities for twins

It’s finally here. Fall is upon us. Bring on the crisp air, changing leaves, and fun festivals. There are so many good things to do in this season, especially if you are a parent of twins. But while fall can be jam packed with loads of fun activities, it can also be jam packed with stress. It seems that once September rolls past, October begins a season that leaves little room for rest. So, what are some fun things you can do relish this delightful time of year without burning out before Christmas? TwinGo has cooked up tons of ideas for the overtaxed twin parent on the go. Check it out.

Pumpkin Patchin’ and Fall Festivalin’

If you are limited on time and want to get a quick hit of all things fall, then head to your neighborhood pumpkin patch or fall festival. Remember that your littles only need a little time at these types of events. Whatever your initial plan is, cut it in half. Keeping your expectations low will help to avoid frustration and disappointment if things don’t go as well as you had hoped (plus always pack snacks because…twins).  

First thing on a weekday morning when the crowds are down and the twinzies are up may be your best bet. Some parents also swear that bringing your little cabbage patches to the patch can be great during late afternoon hour as a welcome distraction before the dinner/bed routine (and photos are awesome as the sun gets low in the sky).

Be sure to snap some photos of your cuties surrounded by pumpkins and try some apple jam. Bonus points if you find a farm with live animals so you can sing Old McDonald on repeat loop on the way home. Okay, maybe the song is lame, but the look on precious little faces when they stare at a cow and say “moo” is priceless.

twins at pumpkin patch

Get Your Craft On

Even those of us who hate crafting realize that kids are crafters at heart. While you don’t need to have a craft room that would compete with the likes of Martha Stewart, setting up some simple crafts/activities at your house will delight your littles. If the mess is what is causing you stress (we’re looking at you glitter), take it outside and enjoy that fun fall weather.  Lay some newspaper down and let your littles paint pumpkins. You can even consider choosing to paint a teal pumpkin in support of friends or family with food allergies. Learning kindness can never start too early!

Some other easy ideas are gluing leaves onto art paper to make a tree or making a pine cone bird feeder. If outside just won’t do, grab some craft kits from your local craft store, some fun fall stickers, or make a sensory bucket with fall objects. Throwing some cinnamon sticks into a bucket with pinecones, leaves, apples, and dried rice or corn can be tons of fun and your home will smell fantastic!

fall craft ideas on twin blog

Bake Some Fall Goodness

Speaking of smelling good, nothing brings in fall better than some fresh baked goods. Whether you grab a Trader Joe’s box mix of pumpkin bread or grind your own flour to make an elaborate apple cake, make something. Even the littlest of mobile babies love stirring a mixing spoon and are delighted that their soupy pile of batter turned into warm and tasty pumpkin bread. Savor and explore the flavors of fall.

fall craft baking ideas for twins

Have a Fall Party

Break out a crock pot or turn on the stove to prepare some luke-warm cinnamon flavored apple juice, cider. Fill up sippies or mugs and head outside to sip on it while you play in the leaves. You may be surprised at how fun it is to get in the leaves yourself. Five minutes of preparation will produce a lifetime of memories.

As you can see, there are many ways you and your twinzies can partake in fall together. Some require more effort than others, but if you set aside a few minutes to stop and soak in the moment, your whole family can easily take delight in this beautiful season we call fall. Instill wonder and an appreciation of beauty. This is one of the best gifts you can offer them as parents. Have an awesome autumn!