Babyproofing for Twins (or How to Survive a Hostile Takeover of Tiny Tyrants)

August 11, 2017

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There’s no doubt you have a lot on your mind when you bring your chubby cherubs home from the hospital. Endless feedings, diaper changes, and snuggles fill your day. It’s exhausting, but they are so cute it just might be worth it. At this stage, it may seem like they will be tiny blobs of chunk forever. But before you know it, those little twinzies who are playing all innocently on the playmat while you take a quick break to pee will start rolling, crawling, and eventually running through your home.

Once they have gained their mobile independence, watch out! Babyproofing can be challenging, but babyproofing for twins takes it to a whole new level. Lucky for you, TwinGo has gathered some great advice from many a momma who has come before you. Let’s get proofing!

Think a Few Steps Ahead

One of the biggest things we heard across the board when we talked to seasoned twin parents was that they wished they started sooner on the babyproofing.  You are so busy doing the baby thing that the need to babyproof may slip through the cracks. The good news is that you don’t have to have it all done from the moment you arrive home from the hospital. Like everything else in parenting, it happens in stages. The key is simply to be one stage ahead. If you aren’t sure what you needs baby proofing, invite a friend over with a baby or toddler slightly older than yours and you will figure it out really quickly.

Create a Safe Zone

One of the most stressful things about parenting toddler twins is feeling like you are always on alert. Those regular spikes in cortisol can take a toll on you and your family, making parenting even harder than it already is.  If you can work to create an area of your house that is safe to leave your twinzies in for a few moments as needed, it will be a real sanity saver. There are so many gate options these days (even pressurized ones for all you renters), creating a safe zone should be a snap.

Key Items to Consider

Some of the most common things to consider when you proof it up are:

  • Changing table secure
  • Large furniture secure (dressers, bookshelves, entertainment units)
  • Staircases
  • Medicines and cleaning supplies out of reach
  • Exterior doors secure
  • Bathrooms secure
  • Kitchen secure (refrigerators, ovens)
  • Sharp corners on objects
  • Remove breakable items from low lying areas

Take a good look around your home and tackle each area prioritizing the most dangerous things first. Baby monitors are also a wonderful way to keep tabs on what is happening throughout the house.

Expect the Unexpected

Don’t be surprised if they complete feats you never thought possible. Remember, there are two of them and they get pretty darn good at learning from each other. Two heads really are better than one and they will combine forces to create some seriously diabolical master plans. [Insert Funny Meme from Boss Baby]

Remember, this is temporary and as your twins grow, you will have more freedom with how you set up your house. One TwinGo mom said she emptied most all items in her twin boys’ nursery aside from beds and a few plush toys because they were climbers and pulled things off the walls (bye-bye Pottery Barn style). This is just a stage, and she will probably have a blast redecorating when they are ready for bunk beds and forts.

We all know you are a good parent (heck you’re reading this article and babywearing your pumpkins, right?), but remember there are no perfect solutions or perfect children.  It is simple infeasible (and no fun) to keep them in a bubble their whole lives. Crap happens, injuries will occur, and you need to give yourself a little grace. Try your best to create an environment that is safe and comfortable for your babes, and don’t beat yourself up if something happens. Small struggles can actually teach good lessons and help them to understand how to interact with the world around them.

We know you’ll figure it out, and don’t forget, duct tape can solve so many of the world’s problems.