TwinGo Support || How do I get a comfy fit for back baby?

January 01, 2017

Twins back carry

The Question

How can I make sure I have a comfy fit for back baby? My twins are 6 months, sit unassisted and my boy twin is huge (really, he's 28 inches and a little over 21lbs). When he's in the TwinGo, he snuggles in and goes to sleep, but an elderly lady stopped me at the store and told me his head looked squashed. My girl twin in front is significantly smaller. How can I adjust them properly?

Tandem Babywearing twins in the TwinGo Carrier by a customer

The Answer

First, your babies are adorable!! As far as fit, it goes two ways:

  1. You adjust based on safety and/or
  2. You adjust based on comfort needs--yours or your baby's.

Tandem Babywearing Safety

From the photos, everyone looks safely positioned and you are the only one who can visually check that the buckles are all fastened. Be sure to use the Safety Elastic Loops wrapped around all the buckles for added security. If you have concerns about safety, check for proper positioning tips in this article: Tandem Babywearing: Proper Positioning for Babies in the TwinGo Carrier

Assessing Comfort

If you feel comfortable and your baby is happy, you don't necessarily have to adjust anything. Some babies truly do prefer having a higher back panel while other babies want a panel much lower so they can pull out their arms. Preference is usually linked to personality type or if your baby is going through a sensitive time (e.g. teething, sick, separation anxiety, etc.). You can play with the fit to see if there is a more comfortable setting, and then make your decision if you and your baby actually think a new positioning is necessary. 

Here are two videos that will help you “play” with the settings. You may find that one or a few of the tips create a new fit that you both enjoy.

Video 1: Take away tip is to try a lower back panel

This video demonstrates how to make the panel of the carrier longer or shorter on your baby’s back. It was initially made for someone who wanted a higher back panel but in your case, you may want to slightly reduce the length of your panel to give your baby a little more head space.


Video 2: Take away tip is to wear your back baby higher

This video was made for another mom but all the principles work the same for you. It demonstrates how to get a higher back carry, and will guarantee you have no shoulder tension (which you didn't mention was a problem for you). The four most important tips for you to take away is the following:

  1. tighten your waistband and wear it higher on your waist,
  2. adjust the Perfect Fit Adjusters to shorten the shoulder straps,
  3. position baby on the panel to achieve the ideal panel height,
  4. independently adjust front baby by lifting her at the bottom while tightening.