#twinning: Preparing for Twins and Narrowing Down Your Twin Registry

June 24, 2017

The baby registry is both a blessing and a curse in our modern world. It is wonderful to be able to compile a list of exactly what to buy for your little prince or princess, but spend a little too much time with the scanning wand and you’ll leave whatever baby box store you are in both weary and overwhelmed.  How can such a tiny creature need so much stuff? Add another one into the mix, and you’ll begin to feel like you are on some strange version of Hoarders.

The truth is, babies don’t need a whole lot of stuff.  What you actually “need” will look different for people in different circumstances.  And while you may at first feel like you need two of everything as you are preparing for twinpocalypse, this is simply not so.  Here at TwinGo, we’ve compiled a list of the things that are most helpful to have two of to help you narrow down your shopping list. There are a surprising number of things that can be shared and keep your space from looking like a doomsday preppers home. Without further ado, here are our top pics.

Car Seats

While this may go without saying, you will need two car seats. In fact, the hospital will not likely release you unless you have one for each baby. As you will be carrying these free weights seats frequently, you’ll probably want to pick some that are manageable in size and easy to transfer from cars to strollers. If you do have extra funds and are frequently shuffling between multiple vehicles, you may consider purchasing extra bases to make installation in any of your vehicles a snap. You may also consider the purchase of a Double Snap-N-Go Stroller, or something similar, for those early days. Many twin moms consider these light weight compact strollers lifesaving when you are toting your tiny two. 

twin car seat in stroller

The Baby Carrier

A good baby carrier is going to give twin parents some serious bang for their buck. This item might at first seem like a single purchase, but in actuality, you get two baby carriers that can work together or separately to keep you on the move. TwinGo parents no longer have to miss out on the amazing benefits of babywearing their chunky monkeys. Parents can share in wearing their babies together, and can even venture out on their own to enjoy some socialization and sunshine without losing their ever loving minds. Investing in a TwinGo Carrier will give you the freedom to keep the adventure going and will even carry you well into toddlerhood. How freeing is that?

twin mom with twingo carrier

Nursing Pillows

First off, if you are committed to successfully nursing your twins, you will want invest in a good twin nursing pillow. Something like the My Breast Friend would be great. But even if you do buy a pillow that can accommodate two babies, it will be handy to have another nursing pillow, like a Boppy, on hand to allow you to keep one twin close by while you are managing the needs of another. So there you go moms with singletons; that old Boppy pillow will not go to waste.  And when you are not nursing, bottle feeding with each twin on a Boppy pillow, or a combo Twin Z Pillow will make feeding a breeze. A place to place each baby is key!

twin nursing pillow on twin blog

High Chairs

When twins enter the mix, containment is key. As your little ones start sitting up and begin to get their snack on, you will want to have a place to secure them so they can eat peacefully and safely. Two high chairs are a great way to keep them happy with a snack while you catch up on the never ending pile of bottles and dishes (what does the bottom of the kitchen sink actually look like?). These days, you can easily find very compact models that can attach to chairs. You can even take these portable, affordable models with you to save your sanity when you visit Grandma’s unbabyproofed but lovely deathtrap home. Repeat after us, containment is key!

baby booster seat

For some items, like cribs, most people will eventually want to have their nursery set up with two. Yet some choose to keep one crib at first, or use a pack ‘n play until they are ready for a transition. This will be a very individual decision for your family. For larger devices like swings, bouncers, and exersaucers you can usually get away with purchasing one and use a rotation circuit with the twins to keep everyone happy.  One great tip is to buy a full size and travel size of an item, such as a swing, so that you have two spots in your rotation but less of a footprint in your home. Sharing for most other items will work out just fine, and your twins will probably be more than happy to share their TwinGo Carrier as they snuggle up on you. Happy shopping!