How Do you Handle When One Twin is Sick and the Other Isn't?

February 06, 2019

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How Do you Handle When One Twin is Sick and the Other Isn't?

As a twin parent we know all too well the ill effects even a simple cold can have on our family routines. We posed this question to our followers and have compiled advice from twin parents just like yourself.   

Kalie D. Dickson says "We separate them. They hate it but love the moment they are placed back together!"

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Valerie Alexander says "They stick together. I don't have help, and typically by time you realize one is sick the germs have already been shared and spread all over the house anyway. I do my best to be extra hygienic, but if they're gonna get sick they're gonna get sick and it'll be okay."


Amy Conley Evers says "We've had one twin get sick and the other not. We don't separate, but keeping them together isn't a sure thing that the other will catch it too.. from our experience."

Jen Garth says "My girls aren’t even 2 yet so they share dummy’s and drinks, I figure by the time one is sick the other has already been exposed and there’s not much point separating. Some types of sickness I do try though."

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Mandi Sue Hutchins says "My twins share everything, so I just accept the fact that they are both going to end up sick!"

Parents are split on this topic, some say just to let the inevitable happen and other parents feel like the best course of action is to separate them during a sickness. The important thing is to remember you are the parent and you know what's best!  Keep up the good work!