Identical Quadruplet Boys Born in Texas!

May 18, 2020

Do you remember back in March we told you about the amazing story of the rare identical quadruplet girls born in Minnesota here on our blog? The odds of natural, spontaneous identical quadruplets is about 1 in 15 million. Well...ANOTHER miraculous set of identical quads were born in March! 

Hudson, Harrison, Henry, and Hardy Marr were born on March 15th at 12:46 AM at just 28 weeks, with an army of over 24 caregivers in the delivery room at Texas Healthy Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Hudson was the smallest weighing in at 1lb 15oz & 14". Harrison and Henry both weighed in at 2lb 6.5 oz, but Harrison was 14" and Henry was 14.3". Hardy weighed in at 2lb 10oz and also 14".

Jenny and Chris Marr are first time parents with no history of multiples in their family. At Jenny’s first visit she received the shocking news she would be having triplets, but a week later at a follow up ultrasound appointment the doctor announced the unthinkable concept that she was actually pregnant with four identical babies! Can you imagine processing the news that you were having triplets one week, and then having to process quadruplets the next? The Marrs are a miracle instant family of 6!

Jenny gave birth the day before the COVID-19 Stay at Home Orders went into effect in her state, and they had to adhere to all the new guidelines in order to visit their babies in the hospital. Hugs to these new parents for the incredible amount of patience and faith that was required of them; they definitely endured a lot to bring their new family home!

The Marr quads were released on Tuesday May 12th after spending 10 weeks in the NICU and then almost a month in the Special Care Nursery. 

Texas Health OB/GYN Dr. Lauren Murry says there are only about 72 documented cases of spontaneous quadruplets, and we are happy to have been able to tell the story of two of these cases!

Wishing the Marr family much love and happiness as they begin to enjoy their time together at home!

Photos from Jenny Marr's facebook page and Instagram @themarrthemerrier