4 Valentines Activities to Make Your Twin's Day Special

December 29, 2016

Small children go nuts with excitement when decorations go up, they get to participate in holiday-themed activities and you share extra love & attention with them. Make this Valentines memorable by adding these easy themed activities into your regular routine. We've selected these four Valentines activities specifically for parents of twin toddlers through preschoolers. As a parent of twins, we know life is still overwhelming during this phase and adding more to your day can be draining. However, we also know that capturing unique moments of pure joy on your child's face can give instant adrenaline to any parent. Don't worry, for these activities you can pull most of this off with last-minute preparations so don't let perfection kill the festivities!

Valentine activities for twin toddlers

Morning || Make & Give V-day Cards

Start the day talking about people you love and make them a card! We are providing you free printable cards! All you need is a little paint, cardstock (but regular printer paper will work too) and your kiddos' little finger. Help dip your toddler's pointer finger in a bit of paint and press a few times on the paper...and that's it! Your twins will be thrilled to see the balloons coming to life with the touch of their finger.

Free Downloads here | Mini Valentine Cards | Large Valentine Card

Valentines day card steps for twin toddlers

Valentines day card craft for twin toddlers

Midday || Make & Eat Love bugs

This little snack is simple to make and you can make it right in front of your kids...no prep! Why? Because part of the fun for them is seeing the food take shape. All you need are a few strawberries, blueberries, Nutella (or other softened chocolate) and a small plastic bag. 

Click here for Instructions by The Scooter Mom Blog

Love bug snack for Valentines

Afternoon || Make & Play Sensory Bin

Cloud dough is so simple to make and you will get hours of entertainment. Warning: it is a little messy but this will be worth it! For twins or more than one child, use an extra-large shallow plastic container so everyone has space. If you don't have a large container, we suggest providing each child their own separate bin so play remains relaxed. Throw in any plastic toy that is red, purple, pink or white. Silicon cupcake molds, cookie cutters, measuring cups, spoons, are all great additions that will spark your little ones' creativity. To give the dough more flare, you could add glitter, essential oils and powdered coloring. 

Click here for Instructions by Kids Play Box

Cloud Dough Sensory Activity for Valentines

Night || Take a Valentine Bath

Make your twins bath time Valentine's themed by adding bubbles, colored bath bombs, glow sticks, and/or any other unique item that will make the bath feel special. Try drawing the bath and decorating without them knowing. Grab your camera and capture the excitement when you reveal the final surprise of the day!

Click here for Instructions by Mercies Raining Down

Valentines bath for kids