Mother's Guide to Twins: the Harry Potter way!

November 27, 2016

Mother's guide to twins: the Harry Potter way

We all know and love the Weasley twins, Fred and George, from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. I recommend you read the first book—Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone—to your twins around the first grade but save the later books for when they are in upper elementary grades.

The comic relief to the dark side of the seven epic tales of Harry Potter, Fred and George of the poor Weasley family, are identical red headed twin pranksters. From inventing Skiving Snackboxes—illness educing candies for skipping school—to pulling the classic switcheroo on their mum for good laughs, these twins are my favorite characters and sure to entertain your own twins…on second thought, they might get ideas for pulling pranks in your own house! 

Do you have identical twins of your own? Oh dear! If they are anything like the Weasley twins, you should stay ahead of the upcoming pranks. For starters, you may pull a Molly Weasley—the thrifty mum of seven children—by color-coding your twins clothing to tell them apart. Year after year Mrs. Weasley knits blue and yellow jumpers with initials F and G to distinguish her twins apart. However, at Hogwarts there is no attempt to separate these jokers, but you may consider putting your twins in different classes to reduce confusion and help them build a unique identity.

The Weasley twin entrepreneurs—admired by their Hogwarts peers and readers alike—are known for their bold and daring Gryffindor traits and brilliant inventions that result in significant wealth. Although not all identical twins may be as mischievous as the Weasleys, they could be just as successful with encouragement and patience from their parents. Who knows, maybe your twins will one day start their own business together—a joke shop, perhaps—or even be Hollywood stars! But for now, snuggle your Muggles before they take off for Hogwarts (aka Kindergarten)!

Snuggle your muggles

FUN FACT: Red hair and blue eyes are the rarest genetic combinations in the world and being an identical twin occurs in only 0.03% of births. That makes the redheaded, blue-eyed identical Weasley twins truly extraordinary! However, in real life James (Fred) and Oliver (George) Phelps are actually brunets.

JOKE: How does Harry Potter get down a hill? He walks! J/K rolling…get it?! Just Kidding = J.K.—like the author’s name. Still don’t follow? Ok, never mind.

Author & Future Broadway Star

About the Author Seren Roberts is a Harry Potter book enthusiast and a Wicked musical fanatic. You can ask her literally any trivia question about either and she could give you a dissertation on the topic. The 12 year old dreams of becoming Galinda—or Glinda, whichever you prefer—on Broadway someday, but for now focuses on writing tons of FanFiction, rereading Harry Potter and singing along to Wicked in the car. Not surprising, Ms. Roberts is teaching her twin cousins all about the wonderful world of HP!

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