Packing For Two Beach Babes

June 30, 2017


Spring Break 2005. You are at the beach working on your tan. Remember, these were the days before you had that pre-cancerous spot removed, so you didn’t feel the need to dress like a Victorian to make an appearance in the sunshine. You and your girlfriends were checked into that cute but low rent hotel near the beach, and you planned to spend the day basking in glow of the sun until it was time to get ready for a relaxing dinner of junk food (because Cheeseburger in Paradise and you don’t have stretch marks yet). Yes you were living it up at the beach.

Flash forward to now and you are surrounded by noisy toys and twin cries as you are deciding how you are going to survive a beach day. It can’t be any worse than when you were the designated driver trying to keep the over imbibing friends alive at the spring break beach club, right? Right. A little planning and preparation and your twin beach day is survivable and probably even enjoyable! Besides, nothing is more amazing than listening to twin belly laughs as they move their hands through the sand and squeal in delight as the waves creep up and splash their chunky little legs. These can become the best of days. Here is our best packing list for an enjoyable twin beach day:

It’s All In How You Carry On

There is no way around it. If you are making the trek to the sandy shores with twins, you will be bringing a sizable amount of stuff with you. Consider carefully how you plan to transport your things to the beach. Traipsing through the sand can be tricky, and you would probably be best served by using a jogging stroller or a collapsible utility wagon whose wheels can withstand the sand. Bonus, baby wearing your chubby cherubs in your TwinGo Carrier can free up space in your stroller or wagon to tote your items easily onto the beach! Bags that have insulated spaces to keep things cool and those that easily hook onto things provide for a smooth trip. And while you don’t want to over pack, do be generous with necessities like diapers (swim and regular) and wipes (for general cleanup).  Finally, saving a little space for first aid items and medicine can safe a beach day from disaster. There is nothing worse than a teething toddler getting a cut on the beach when it is 95 degrees out.

twin beach wagon summer with twins

Comfort is Key

The key to a good day at the beach is to keep everyone comfortable. Shade is essential so your twins don’t get toasty. Pop up shade tents are compact, easy to transport, and provide ample space to spread out and enjoy the fun of the beach in the cool of the shade. There are lots of good options, and this one from Ikea is particularly affordable. When you do decide to venture into the sunshine or the water, apply sunscreen well and choose sunhats and swimsuits that will keep their delicate baby skin safe. Environmental Working Group has some great sunscreen pics for even the most sensitive of skin. Making sure you have plenty of towels for quick cleanup and blankets that work in the heat. Soft muslin blankets will keep your babies napping happy and cool if a touch of tiredness strikes.

twin wind shelter twins at the beach

Fill Those Buddha Bellies

Even the best of us can get hangry from time to time. And if the heat is up, tempers can rage when blood sugar drops. Choose easy to eat snacks that don’t create a big old mess on your cool and cozy beach blanket. The age and stage you are at will dictate what you can provide, but good choices can include baby pouches, crackers and cheese, turkey rollups, veggies and dip, as well as frozen yogurt pouches. You’ll also want to make sure to overestimate the amount of water or milk you plan to serve because spills happen and hydration is vital.

Fun Floaties

Finally, you’ll want to find a way to enjoy the water safely. Depending on their age or stage, you may want to invest in a twin float, such as this one. As they get older, puddle jumpers can be a great way for them to experience the water before they are seasoned swimmers. It’s always better to have multiple adults managing twins in the water, but containing your sweet peas will make it easier when you are the primary eyes. And while these floats are a great help, don’t let your guard down. Take a few minutes before your adventure to touch up on water safety. Some things may seem like common sense, but a good reminder of basic safety can save lives. And you may not be familiar with things like secondary drowning, which are important to know about. Floaties are so helpful, but nothing replaces watchful eyes.

Pack smart and get ready for your beach adventure. It’s bound to be a blast!