Ten Signs You Are a Twin Mom

April 06, 2018

Everyone likes being part of the group.  Commonality and connection make us all warm and fuzzy inside; even if that connection is based on something as mundane as the lack of sleep every twin parent suffers. 

You know when you see another twin mom strolling down the road, you give her an official head nod that you “get it.”  But what is it exactly that you “get”? 

TwinGo has put together some of those telltale signs that can peg you out as a twin mom before you even say “I’ll take two.” 

Here it goes.  You might be a twin mom if……

You’ve heard you've got your hands full at least twice this week.


"Boy you've got your hands full!" How do you respond to this comment? Responses range from the simple "yes, I do," or the syrupy sweet but slightly sarcastic "but not as full as my heart" to the snarky "yup, and they sure could use some help." 

We suppose it's better than "I don't know how you do it" or "better you than me." Um, okay thanks? We know some of you mommas are the queens of responding to an awkward comment.  Tell us how you do it!    

You have a master’s degree in twin science.

Before twins, you didn't really pay much attention to reproductive biology.  Thanks to the school of life, you can easily inform your singleton parent friends about the difference between monozygotic and dizygotic twins, the statistical chances of twinning, the difference between identical and fraternal twin pregnancies, if fingerprints are identical, and what exactly TTTS is.  Hopefully twinning is part of your local trivia night sometime soon, because you'll be winning by a landslide (that is if you can snag a babysitter).    

You carry enough snacks in your bag to survive the zombie apocalypse.


Saving the world from hangry twins one snack at a time.  

You can scan all the exits to a public space in 10 seconds or less.

You may look like a cool relaxed parent, but you can hustle to an exit at the first sign of a double meltdown like nobody's business.  

You asked for a hotel by yourself for your birthday.

Yes your fantasies now involve sleep, silence, and dining alone.  

You've become an expert in diplomatic relations. 

The twins aren't sharing again? You've got it covered.  It's not everyone who can expertly negotiate play time with temperamental toddlers.  

Noise doesn't phase you.

Silence is what is scary.  You are now capable of having a deep conversation at a sporting event, and probably don't even notice a blow horn.  You got skills!

You leave the house looking like a Sherpa headed up Mount Everest.

We'll just bring the basics along today. 

You can compare any expense to how much it would cost you in diapers.

It is shocking how much you have to spend on diapers.  That can only mean one thing - mani/pedi every month when the twinzies successfully potty train! 

You have email subscriptions to every budget website known to man because TWINS.  

Once upon a time, you could have afforded a luxury SUV, but when the double duty preschool tuition bill hit, it became pretty apparent you'd be cruising around in your comfortable and slightly uncool moderately acceptable, thanks-to-good-marketing minivan (we said it).  Here's to hoping that top notch school feeds straight into a Harvard education.  

We hope you enjoyed some of these funny ways we all share in the common experience of having twins.  Are there any other twin things that make you laugh? Please share with us!