Toilet Training Tips for Two

January 21, 2018

potty training twins survival kit

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a parent than the thought of potty training, not one, but TWO toddlers! Sure, you are stoked to ditch the diapers (anyone else excited about the increased budget for Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Lattes?), but how exactly does one get from Point A to Point B? A quick google search will provide you with an exhaustive amount of information on the topic which could overwhelm even the savviest of researchers. Lucky for you, TwinGo has some key pointers to help you keep a focus and get through pottypocalypse. Though it can prove difficult for some tots, we’re pretty sure most folks will make it to college sans diapers. So, take a deep breath, and check out our top tips for sane potty training.

1. Better Late Than Early

    Especially if your twins are your first children, if you are like most parents, you can’t wait for them to reach every milestone as soon as humanly possible (aside – once you get past 3 kids, you’ll be praying that last kid doesn’t crawl until they are 2). While it is a great thing to be excited for your kids as they grow and achieve, pushing the potty training too early on can end up being a giant headache. Some experts suggest you can start as young as 22 months, but every child will be different in their readiness. One of our TwinGo moms told us about a woman who “trained” her 18-month-old, but spent several months scurrying around in public to get her to the bathroom to avoid accidents because she couldn’t hold it for more than a minute or two. That sounds exhausting.  

    Because potty training is a pain, many twin parents have preferred waiting until both twins seem eager to begin so that it can be done in one fail swoop. Some people talk about hitting the right “window,” but it seems that by and large, if you wait a bit, it will not be to your detriment. At the end of the day, you know your kids, and can best determine when they are ready to begin. You also know whether two at a time will work for you. For some, a little healthy competition might push them towards the goal, but for others, taking a time out from training while the other moves forward might be best. Trust yourself.

    2. Know Your Potty Personality

    Are you the boot camp type or the gentle trainer? Some moms prefer to go cold turkey and spend a few intense days surrounded by puddles of pee and wet underpants in order to get to the goal of quick potty training method (like ). Others prefer to slowly introduce the little potty, maybe try out some pull-ups, and let the child lead the process. However you decide to move forward, pick a method that works for your personality. The boot camp method can be great, but it certainly takes a lot of self-discipline and perseverance to keep asking if twins are dry and put up with all that mess.  Kiddos are experts at detecting stress, and if you are freaking out about potty training, it may have a ripple effect on them.

    3. Arm Yourself with Supplies

    While this shouldn’t be seen as a battle of the wills, you should certainly prepare as though you are going to battle against the diaper. The better stocked you are with the potty essentials, the easier it will be to succeed. For starters, picking out some super fun underwear can be very motivating for the twinzies. You can even let them choose their underpants. One TwinGo mom told us that she let her kids pick out some cupcakes along with the underpants and they had a little Bye Bye Diapers Party. How fun and motivating is that?

    Further, choosing some highbrow potty literature can also be tremendously helpful. Though some prefer the classic motifs in Everybody Poops, there are oodles of new choices today. Perhaps hone in on choices that feature their favorite character. For some kids, potty training isn’t potty training if Elmo isn’t’ there to give you some motivation.

    potty training twins

    Of course, you can’t forget the potty itself. You can use a little seat to fit on your regular toilet, or miniature potties, or both! We generally heir on the side of simplicity, but there are many elaborate (and noisy) options out there. Many moms have had good luck with a Bjorn potty such as this one (which also comes in a condensed size that is perfect for small spaces and travel).

    potty training survival kit

    We also can’t help but love this Summer Infant design that looks like a pint-sized toilet. How cute!

    twin potty training tips on twin blog

    And let’s not forget the Potette Plus. This handy dandy little portable potty seat can be used on your regular toilet (or a public toilet), and taken with you on the go. It has baggies that can be put under it and disposed of, but you can easily use it on the ground outside if necessary (because everyone loves a little roadside pee pee break). It’s also slim and can easily fit in a diaper baby bag too! This guy is a life saver! Because you have two tots who need a pot, we would suggest that you have more than one option available in your home.

    twin potty training

    In addition to underpants, books, and potties, it’s a good idea to have pads for the bed, cleaning spray, and lots of paper towels. Bed pads are great because you can simply peel off the soiled liner and toss it in the wash rather than strip all of their bedding as they work out the kinks of getting to the toilet. Something like this is cheap and easy.

     twin potty training survival tips twin blog

    Last but not least, consider a little incentive candy for  you the twins (mini M&Ms are great), rewards stickers, juice if you plan to bootcamp, and of course some vino.

    Now that you have picked out the right time and method, gathered all of your supplies, and had a glass of wine, you are ready to go! Much like most parenting tasks, consistency will be your key to success. Keep calm, you’ll need loads of patience. It may not be the easiest thing, but everybody will eventually poop in the potty. You can do it!