Traveling with Twins: Do You Have Any Other Travel Tips?

May 22, 2017

Welcome to TwinGo Carrier's Traveling With Twins Series, where each week we will answer new questions about the logistics of traveling with twins. We'll help you coordinate everything from stroller storage to in-flight baby soothing, and everything in between. Heading on a trip with your twins this summer? Fear not! We've got you covered.

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Traveling with your twins, triplets, or more can be overwhelming and there’s usually a lot of questions about logistics going through a parent’s mind. Summer is coming and I’m getting lots of questions about flying as people plan summer vacations. It can be very stressful taking babies on a plane and that intensifies when you have more than one child to worry about. Many of these tips are general tips for flying with a baby and some of my adapted tips that are particular to flying with lots of toddlers and babies. We regularly fly domestically and internationally with my now 1-year-old twins and 2.5-year-old singleton. Hopefully these answers will help you understand some of the regulations and choices you have when flying and some extra tips to make it as easy as going to the park for the day.

#8 Do you have any other travel tips?

  1. Double knot your shoes: If you have a toddler running around, they WILL untie your shoes while holding the most you can carry. 

  2. Packing for multiples: If you coordinate or match your multiples, packing in zip lock bags makes the daily routine much smoother and worth the effort. Up until my twins got into 12 month clothes, I could pack each an outfit and a pj in one gallon-sized bag. Now with bigger outfits I pack pjs and outfits separate, but can still get the two matching sets into the bags. I throw in socks and bows or anything else we need that day so I don’t have to look for accessories each morning. I do the same for my singleton son so that I pull it out the night before and grab his pjs and his outfit is in the bag ready to go with socks. For holiday outfits, I can get all 3 outfits in one bag. I mark them so anyone grabbing from the bags knows that one is special and not to wear them on other days. 

  3. Planning: For vacations, we plan a general outline either before the trip or at least the night before of when we want to try to be out of the house the next day. Otherwise, we waste a lot of time and end up waiting until after nap time to do anything. 

  4. Know your children and try not to plan too much or too little. You want to wear them out without overwhelming them. Don’t skip nap time every day; or on the opposite side, don’t hang around a hotel room all day and let them get restless.

It’s daunting but flying with your multiples can lead to some great adventures and like everything with this life, it will never be boring.


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twin mom with travel tips on twin blogAja Harris is a mother of three toddlers and the wife of a US diplomat currently residing in Moscow, Russia. She frequently flies with her 2.5-year-old son and twin 1-year-old daughters around the world and throughout the United States. They have taken their children to over 15 US States and 4 countries via planes, trains, and automobiles. She hopes that this article encourages families to be adventurous and eases the worries of parents getting ready to fly with their little ones for the first time. You can follow the Harris family’s adventures on Facebook at The Wandering Chaos.