Twin Costume Eleventh Hour Round Up

twin halloween costume on twin blog

We get it. In theory Halloween is that fun time of year when you can have a little fun, dress up, and enjoy being silly or scary. Having kids makes Halloween even more awesome because you can trick-or-treat again without seeming like that creepy old person who has no business collecting candy for your neighbors (but seriously, you could probably use a whole pillowcase full of chocolate). If you are new to the parenting rodeo, your twinzies may leave you feeling drained and unprepared to take place in the festivities. We’ve all been there. If you’re scrambling to pull it together for Halloween, here are some quick and easy costume ideas for your terrrrrrible twosome. Halloween doesn’t have to be hard or complicated to be fun. Here are some easy on the fly costumes.



The popularity of the Despicable Me Movies make it easy to come across minion gear. If Amazon and Target aren’t doing it for you, you can pull this costume together with some plain yellow shirts and beanies with goggles.

twin Halloween costume on twin blog

Salt and Pepper

No we aren’t talking about Salt-N-Pepa (but that would be kind of awesome), but rather cute little condiments. There are so many options to pull this together easily enough. You could even branch into other condiments like Ketchup and Mustard. Look around your house and see what costume components may be lying around.

twin Halloween costume on twin blog

Star Wars

Star Wars is pretty huge right now. Many costume choices can be easily acquired all over town. You can also get creative with what you may even have lying around. It wouldn’t surprise us if you even have a lightsaber somewhere in the attic space.

twin halloween costume on twin blog

Nintendo Throwback

Mario and Luigi were a staple in the childhood of many a twin parent. A nostalgic nod to this duo can be cobbled together with red and green items in your house (and perhaps a black marker). Easy peasy.

twin Halloween costume on twin blog


This is about the cutest and easiest costume we have ever seen. If you are a Costco fan, chances are you may have a cuties box lying around. Pair that with orange onesies and balloons, and you’ve got a box full of cuties. Love!

twin Halloween costume on twin blog

A Dr. Seuss Classic

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are fairly easy to put together. There are plenty of pre-made options, but you can also make a sign to adhere to a shirt. This is a simple and classic choice and parents can easily get in on the action.

twin Halloween costume on twin blog

Game of Thrones

Since you already might feel like a mother of dragons, you may consider dressing like one. You can go as simple or as fancy as you want with your dragon costumes. Green onesies with a hat and cutout shapes can be cobbled together. A sign on a comfy dress for mom will convey the clever message you want to share. Here’s to being in the know even if you are living like a hermit in the Land of New Twins!

twin halloween costume on twin blog

As you can see, there are plenty of easy ways to join in on the fun, even for the tired and overworked twin parent. Enjoy the festivities and eat a piece of chocolate. It’ll do you some good!

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