Twin Parent Tips for Transitioning your Twins to Big Kid Beds

March 06, 2019

What are your big kid bed transition tips?

We recently posed this question to our twin parent community and here's what they had to say:

"I put the crib mattress on the floor as a starter step. I would buy their favorite character bedding too. Seem to work!" - @jojoebean_4 

"It took my twins (and my singleton, too) a few weeks of me sitting in the room at bedtimes and reminding them to be still and quiet until they went to sleep. There are still times I need to do that, actually, haha! 😄" - @sofedorable

Big Kid Bed for Twins

"I moved mine to toddler beds at 18 months because they were climbing out of their cribs. Took a while for them to learn to stay in their beds but I kept telling them to keep their heads on their pillows. They are just over 2 now and do pretty well." - Jennifer D.

 "We put our girls' crib mattresses on the floor and tried to stick with our bedtime routine. We allowed them to roam around their room as long as they were quiet and they loved the independence. It went really well for the most part, lots of going in to remind them to get back in bed. We'd either find them in each other's beds or sprawled out on the floor with a book ♥️" - Jessica M.

"As soon as all my kids are able to climb out of the crib I moved them to a toddler of my twins are already in a toddler bed at 7 months because that what I have available aftet moving my 1 year old to a twin...yes there might be a lot of getting up throughout the night but eventually they will get it." - Sarah D. 

"We moved our twin girls into big girl beds before their 2nd Birthday just cause they were climbing out of their cribs so much. First night went great but 2nd not so much. It took alot of going in and out reminding them it was bedtime and eventually we just put a baby gate up by their door so they knew they had to stay in their room." - Melissa D. 

 Sleep Tight!