Letting the Cat Out of the Bag: Twin Pregnancy Announcements

July 21, 2017

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Photo Cred: @twocametrue

You are still wrapping your head around the idea of twins! Two babies at the same time is certainly more complicated, but also has the potential for so much more fun. You start to fill out your pregnancy to-do list with all kinds of items, some lame and some exciting. Some list items will mirror those of your singleton compadres, but you will have a few extra special items on there. One of those is your gender reveal. You have so many interesting possibilities!

twin baby announcement on twin blog

Choose a reveal that is as elaborate or as simple as you desire. Remember, the Amazon Prime mom is just as good at rocking this whole parenting thing as the Pinterest Mom. Some people are energized by a crowd gathered around them, others feel at ease to share their news in a quiet atmosphere with just a few close loved ones. Some people will want to know and share as much about their twins as early as they possibly can, and others will like to keep guessing until they leave the hospital room. Reflect on who you are and your preferences to shore up the best reveal for your family.

TwinGo has gathered some of the best ideas we’ve heard for outing your duo, and we hope they help get your brainstorming sesh going. We’d love to hear how you decide to tell the tale of your two. Send in those photos and give us the deetz!

Consider a Simple Twin/Gender Announcement

Lucky you. There are three chances to make announcements to your friends and family. First you can tell them you are pregnant, next you can tell them it is twins, and THEN you can let them know if it is stashes or lashes. Some folks prefer to knock it all out at one time, while others may break it up.

One TwinGo family kept it very simple and posted this picture to social media with the following quote: “Snips and tails and puppy dog tales, that’s what TWO little boys are made of.” Sweet, simple, and to the point.

twin gender reveal idea

The Cake Announcement

While simple is nice, others may prefer to go a little more elaborate. One popular way to let people know if girls or boys will be in the mix is to do a cake that has a surprise center. We are loving this Thing 1 and Thing 2 idea!

twin gender reveal

A single cake with a double center is also super cute and would allow you to combine your twin announcement with your gender reveal! This works particularly well for the boy/girl combination.

twin gender reveal idea

twin gender reveal idea

If you revel in adventure and enjoy a good surprise, you can ask your ultrasound technician to put the sex information in an envelope to present to your baker, then you can join in on the surprise with your friends and family. Looking back on your reactions recorded by loved ones can be priceless.

Balloons in a Box

Colored balloons in a box is another fun visual to spill the beans. This one can be particularly fun if there are older siblings. They can get in on the action and feel involved in the process of preparing for the new babies. Check out what this sweet family did!

Game Time

For those who really want to get everyone in on the action, creating a game out of the gender reveal can make for one heck of a party. So many game options are out there!

twin gender reveal game

Go Virtual

Don’t forget that this amazing technological world offers you the chance to include loved ones who are near and far. Setting up a virtual party can give those parents in Florida a chance to get in on the gender reveal action and feel like they are not missing out on the wonder of your pregnancy. Amazon wish lists, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime make it feel like they are almost there! What a blessing!

A Gender Reveal Delivery

If you can keep your lips sealed, there may not be anything quite like waiting to hear what the twins are when they breathe their first breaths. This can be a wonderful private moment with your significant other. And if you can keep your mouth shut, you could pull off an amazing gender reveal like this couple did. We are impressed!

Whatever your style, you’ll find the perfect way to tell the world that your twins are on their way. Look out world!

 Find the Humor

@schuberttwinssquared had this hilarious idea for their pregnancy announcement! "With two sets of twins less than 2 years apart we have to have a sense of humor about this chaotic roller coaster ride we are on called life"

Involve siblings!

@kelbs_k used big sister to help announce their twin pregnancy, how excited does she look?! So adorable!

Let the fur babies help!

@dkdeleeuw had her pups help share their "plot twist" news! Those littles are going to have some great guardians watching over them!

Enjoy the journey, because before you know it you'll be setting up for those 1st Birthday pics!