Expecting Twins? Here are 5 twin-themed baby shower games!

February 08, 2017

Twin baby shower games for mom pregnant with twins

Throwing a shower for twins is fun! Here are some game ideas to make your baby shower unique for your twin pregnancy.

Twin + Bingo = Twingo!

We absolutely love this game, not just because it's a take on our brand name! Playing twin baby bingo is just like ordinary bingo, but instead of numbers you use twin-related comments that the mother will likely hear many, many times for the next several years. The first person to get a complete row must call out "Twingo" to win.

Twin baby bingo

Download Bingo Card & Drawing Pieces here.

Celebrity Twin Baby Match

Match each celebrity mother with her twins. The guest that connects the most correct names wins the game.

Things -n- Pairs

In one minute name as many pairs as possible, like gloves, socks and earrings. The person that lists the most correct items wins the game. Variation: List things that go together like socks and shoes, mac and cheese, Bert and Ernie, salt and pepper, peas in pod etc.

 Celebrity twin baby game

Download Game & Answer Sheet here!

Twin Ninja Swaddle Challenge

Getting twins to sleep and sleep at the same time is a must for the new mom! Preparing the new mom to with skills to swaddle like a ninja will be a lifesaver for her! For this game, you will need two muslin blankets and two dolls. Teach your guests how to swaddle a baby like in this video. Bonus is to teach the double swaddle if you have two zippered or velcro style swaddles available, both of which make great gifts for the mom to be! Guests compete against each other to swaddle as fast as they can. The winning guest competes against the next guest until there is one reigning champion.

Matching Pairs

Buy two dozen pairs of baby socks in a variety of sizes and colors, separate them, mix them up and put them in a pile. Each guest has 30 seconds to take turns pairing up as many socks as possible. The person with the most completed sets wins. Gift mom the socks after the game is over!

Baby shower games for twin pregnancy