TwinGo is a Family Business

November 19, 2016

TwinGo is a family run business

TwinGo's founder, Krystal Workman, is an inventor, business woman and mother of twins. "My twins have been a part of TwinGo from the beginning. They are the reason TwinGo exists today!" In 2010 when Krystal's twins were around 5 months old, she knew that front/back tandem babywearing was her saving grace but there was no quality twin baby carrier on the market at the time. She wore two separate baby carriers until she and a friend could make the initial prototype of the TwinGo Carrier. "My twins loved being worn! They calmed down immediately and we had many positive memories while babywearing up to 3 years old," she recounts.

In 2014, Krystal finally nailed down mass production on the Original Model when her twins were 3 years old. "That's when we went live...and carriers sold faster than we had stock!" She let her twins know that other mothers wanted to carry their twins just like she carried them. The TwinGo Twins--as Krystal affectionately calls them--were ecstatic to learn that so many mommies loved their babies too!

Around this same time, the TwinGo Twins began asking, "Mom, how do we get money so we can buy things?" and she replied, "You get a job. Do you want a job to make money?" She got a surround sound "Yes!" Although these twins are not official employees, they do provide help with various tasks and are learning exceptional skills that are in line with preschool and elementary school curriculum.

Four ways the TwinGo Twins help the family business

1) Packing Boxes

One weekend we needed to pack 150 boxes. Krystal assumed the twins would each pack only around 10 boxes, and then run off to play. However, to her astonishment they wanted to do all the work until it was done. Their motivation was income: one penny per box. Apparently the Dollar Store sells highly appealing goods for this age group! This adorable video shows the TwinGo Twins hard at work.

2) Cutting Paper

When your child attends preschool, you understand that cutting is a learned skill and cutting straight takes lots of practice. With packages going out almost daily, the TwinGo Twins have plenty of opportunities to cut paper. The going rate for their cutting services is one penny per sheet. Here is an example of their work.

TwinGo Twins cut paper

3) Packing Fliers

When TwinGo launched their babywearing accessories in late-2015, they included a free surprise gift with each carrier for a limited time. The TwinGo twins were excited once more to pack 100+ packages with fliers getting paid one penny per insert. Watch this adorable video as one twin explains the packing process and duties.

4) Folding Paper

There are so many tasks we take for granted as adults, like our ability to neatly fold papers at a fast pace. To small children, matching the corners and making a clean crease takes a lot of focus, attention to detail and determination to keep trying after failed attempts. The TwinGo Twins--getting paid one penny per sheet--have learned the art of patience while they perfected their folding skills. "I couldn't be happier to see them trying so hard!" says Krystal.

TwinGo Twins are folding fliers

It's Pay Day!

These twins are learning the full cycle of employment when their mother took them to the bank to exchange all their pennies for dollar bills. They practiced writing and addition when they tallied up their completed tasks and then filled out deposit slips. One day they will learn what "cheap labor" means and demand a raise! Until then, Krystal will continue to request her grocery store change in rolls of coins.

Pay day for one of the twingo twins Getting paid for working with TwinGo