4 Steps to Bath Time with Twins

November 19, 2018

4 Steps to Bath Time with Twins

Bath time with twins can be intimating! Here are a few tips and tricks that I use to get my sitting babies fresh and clean. 

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1) Be prepared -

Forget the Boy Scouts, this could be parents of twins motto. I set out the twins' diapers, clothes, lotions, and creams beforehand. Sometimes I get everything ready the night before, while they are sleeping. Other times I gather everything while the twins are in their playroom. 

2) Buy a bucket -

No need to get anything fancy! We use a plastic bucket that cost $1. Put the bucket in the tub and fill both with water. We drain the used water after soaping the twins and have the clean water left to rinse them.

3) Make it fun -

Provide bath toys and sing to your twins in the bath. My babies love the "Rubber Ducky" song from Sesame Street, but sometimes I make up my own tunes too.  You know you're a twin mom when you make up your own lyrics. 

4) Get ready to get wet -

I get dressed after giving my babies a bath, because my clothes always end up wet. I'm usually wearing sweats or yoga pants. I know my spot at the edge of the tub is in the splash zone!  

5) One by one -

Once I drain the tub, I take out my daughter, dry her off, and quickly put on her diaper. I set her on the bedroom floor to play,  go back for my son, and repeat. I lotion and dress each child one by one.  Babywearing comes in handy in times like these if your babies are mobile. 

Bath time takes practice, but you and your twins will enjoy it together once you make it part of your routine.  Happy bathing! 


twins, twin parenting, twin parenting tips, bath time tips, bath time steps, twin mom ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marianne Herricht lives with her husband, Brian, son, Justice, and daughter, Joy, in Arizona. She enjoys running, reading young adult novels, and eating sushi.