Baby Got Back to School

October 03, 2017


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Nothing gets twin parents more excited than back to school time. Whether you are worn out of entertaining the little darlings 24/7 for summer vacation (anyone else tired of dousing your kids in sunscreen), or you have a nostalgic obsession with school supplies, it is a happy time of year indeed! Who is getting excited for that pumpkin spice latte that’s around the corner?????

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While it can be a wonderful time of getting back into the swing of things, new routines can also be challenging. TwinGo has some great strategies to help you adjust your new groove.

Stock Up for Serious Savings

As you prepare for the new school/childcare year, make sure you scope out all the seriously awesome sales to be had.  Whether it be clothing discounts, or other supplies you might need for the year, you can save a bundle if you buy in the late summer. Remember as you are shopping that you want to buy smart. Figure out what items will be essential for your family and within your budget. Less can sometimes be more.

One twin family bought their twins “capsule school wardrobes” from that would carry them through the holiday season. This enabled them to create distinctive looks for each of their twins with comfortable, easy to care for clothing. There is also the added bonus of teachers having an easier time telling your twinzies apart when they are rocking their own look (yes they may actually mix up your boy/girl twins). Not to mention, nothing like a few new things to get the twins excited for a new routine. Moving from the “baby class” to the “big kid class” can be smoothed over with a big kid dinosaur backpack!

Be a Label Lover

You can never have too many labels, especially if you have twins. Labeling bottles/sippy cups, bags, shoes, and coats will help make drop-off and pick-up a breeze. Your tiny tots’ teachers will thank you for helping them do a job well done too! Companies such as Mabel’s Labels make it easy to get your label loving on!

twin sippy cup label

Gradually Get in the Groove

If you have the luxury of taking your time before you get in your new routine, then by all means take your time. Kids are creatures of habit, but it can be difficult to get all the new habits going at once. Tackling one change at a time can make the transition much smoother. If you are going to have to be out the door at seven in the morning, then start getting into a consistent wake up routine. If you have some things to do before bedtime to prep for the morning, start working on those. Is screen time getting the kibosh? Slowly reduce you PBS patronage. Will naptime need to be adjusted to later in the day? Start pushing it back in 10-minute increments. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.  

Boost Your Immune System

The last thing you want when you are getting ramped up with your routine is a bout of the sickies. Stock up on your favorite vitamins and supplements before you dive head first into the cesspool that is preschool. Elderberry syrup, Vitamins C and D, and a good children’s fish oil can be a momma’s best friend come cold and flu season. Getting enough shuteye and some healthy grub will also go a long way in keeping the bacteria at bay. Prevention is where you want to be!

Whether you’re headed to your first foray into a mom’s day out program or headed back to your usual work routine after a well needed vacation, you’ll need to be intentional about transition to the fun crazy that is fall. A little planning and prep and you’ll be ready to go back to school! Enjoy those last lazy days of summer!