Double Down at Disney: How to Twin at the Parks

May 07, 2017

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Sure Europe and Fiji sound dreamy before kids, but Disney is the place to be with your dynamic duo. Even lackluster fans will admit that seeing the parks through the eyes of your children is the stuff that memories are made of. You may actually start to believe in magic. TwinGo interviewed several families with multiples and pulled together the best advice they had to offer. Let’s whip out those Mousekatools and learn how make your Disney trip magical.

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1. Timing is Everything

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As with all things in life, timing is everything. Accounting for weather and crowds can really make a huge difference in your trip. One TwinGo family tipped us off that Google Crowd Calendar is a great resource for honing in on the best time to go. Typically, the week after Thanksgiving is prime time. Crowds are slim, temperatures are cooler, and you can enjoy those holiday decorations before the holiday crowds show up.

Florida can be hot and humid, so if you have some flexibility, avoiding a trip in peak summer will likely be a more enjoyable experience for all involved. For those missing school, talk to your teachers and have a game plan so your twinzies won’t miss a beat. One TwinGo family some enjoyed morning reading time as a way to keep up with school assignments while everyone was fresh. If you are up for braving the summer weather, you can avoid missing school commitments and take full advantage of that hotel pool or the water parks. You know your family and can determine how weather, school/work schedule, and pool side fun rank to pick the best time for you! What’s your favorite time of year for travel?

2. Managing the Mayhem

The ages and stages of your dapper duo can dictate how your day goes. Even if there were no crowds and the children could keep up, there is no way you could ever get to everything the parks have to offer. Especially if you have wee ones, you’ll probably need to scale down your itinerary. One mom reported that she wouldn’t spend more than a 5-6 hour block of time at a park with her toddler twins.

Magic Kingdom is where it’s at for the tiniest of park guests as it has the most little kid rides and attractions. Who wouldn’t enjoy hearing “It’s a Small World” looping through your head after an exhilarating boat ride around the world? Real talk: we know you would rather spend the whole trip beer tasting your way through Epcot (because….twins) than going multiple rounds in the Mad Hatter’s Teacups, but such is life.

You can schedule time in adult oriented areas of the parks if you are smart about it. A savvy TwinGo family told us that KidCopt is a scavenger hunt kids can participate in while visiting the various Epcot countries to keep them entertained while you enjoy the finer things in life. Babywearing the younger guests when they need to catch a snooze is prime time to head to Paris for a romantic rendezvous. You could even bring cool travel activity books to keep the older kids occupied. Check this one out!. That’s right teachers; we’re going to call this family vacay educational.

Do a little homework and decide on your must-sees. Build some margin into your day. If naps are still a part of your daily routine, decide if you plan to carve out time for them or hit the hay extra early to ensure everyone is getting enough sleep. Bonus if your littles can sleep well while in your TwinGo Carrier! Do you have enough time to include a park-free day in your visit? Perhaps do a 4 day Hopper Pass but build in a break day. This day could include a short night outing to the Disney Springs free laser light show! Play around with your week and see where it takes you.

3. The Tech Savvy Survive

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Once you’ve planned out a schedule that works for you and noted your must-sees, put technology to work for you. Signing up for Fast Passes ahead of time keeps waiting to a minimum. You can also make meal reservations to ensure you enjoy several of the parks tasty dining options (and don’t get stuck eating fast food all week). Many people with young twins don’t want to commit to a specific meal time (who has a Magic 8 ball to determine when melt downs will happen). If that’s you, try a simple character breakfast when your little ones are fresh and eager to enjoy meeting Mickey in person. One dad offered this great tip – check out a meet the character station in the parks before your planned breakfast to gauge whether your twins will be comfortable interacting with characters (canceling a reservation is a snap if need be). No one wants to pay for a Disney priced breakfast only to leave 10 minutes in because Alex and Ben are freaking out over giant sized Mickey.

So where do you start? One twin mom who works as a “Disney Specialist” recommends reviewing this page to get a handle on the tech after an initial booking.

4. Pack it Up

Travel smart for your Disney adventure. While no one wants to be a pack mule, having some key essentials will keep everyone relaxed and happy. Bagged lunches, favorite snacks, and icy cold water can keep your people and your budget happy. Maybe consider one sit down meal a day (for some down time), and bring food for the rest of the day with you?

Ponchos can be tucked away easily and are great for those daily afternoon Florida sun showers. Consider whether you plan to bring a stroller. A mom of older preschool twins decided to borrow a jogging stroller so the twins had a place to rest when their legs got tired. Strollers also offer great storage, but be mindful that strollers must frequently be park and moved, so you will want to keep your valuables with you or in a locker.   

Grab your swag before you go. Souvenir shopping at the parks is fun, but buying ahead can save you money and keep you safe. Consider buying matching shirts in a colorful shade so you can keep track of everyone, especially if you have multiples plus one or more. Matching mouse ears can make for fun family memories and bring out the child in you. You can even go Etsy crazy and create a truly custom look. A creative tip offered by one family of multiples was to pre-purchase cute Disney gift cards to give to your twinzies so they can “shop” without the sass. Not only are they learning limits but they can focus on the favorite things in their “budget.” Twinning!

And while the parks have about everything, those mouse ears come at not so mouse sized price. Strollers, souvenirs, medications and more are available at the drop of a hat. One TwinGo family reported that an unexpected molar hit during a Disney parade, and they were able to whisk sweet baby over to the First Aid center and purchase Infant Tylenol. Bring what you can reasonably can, but don’t panic if you forget something. Disney has you covered.

5. Happy Hotel Hunting

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Where you stay can be just as fun as where you stroll. You are sure to find something that is both convenient and in your budget. One genius TwinGo Family got a little creative with their accommodations, and actually rented a house through a vacation rental website. This allowed for separate bedrooms for the kids, a spacious kitchen area to cook breakfast and dinner, and a pool that made their down day extra fun. Great idea! Another traveling group picked a resort right on the monorail line (naptime bonus), and the twins enjoyed the monorail rides as much as exploring the parks. Score! What accommodations work best for your family?

We hope you are getting excited about a potential Disney experience! Now you just have to figure out how to tell your twinzies when you go. Do you think you can keep it a surprise? [Article on surprising the twins] Whether you keep their dream trip to Fantasy Land under wraps or give them plenty of prep time, a little bit of legwork will help make it magical. Dreams really can come true at the happiest place on earth!