One Mom's Story: TwinGo Recommendation

December 06, 2018

“You’ve got your hands full!”

Any MoM (Mom of Multiples) will tell you this is the most common phrase we hear when we are out with the twins, whether Daddy is with us or not.  Since the twins were born I don’t think I’ve ever made it through a shopping trip without someone commenting or asking questions about myself or the babies.  I mean, they’re always nice comments or funny questions, so how do you really get mad about it?  I guess you don’t, you just get used to it.  It’s funny because on the rare occasion that I go somewhere alone, I think it’s weird that no one stops me or talks to me at all…like, I’m just a regular customer and they don’t know that I’m Super Mom…how!?


One thing I can say that has quite literally changed my life as a MoM is my TwinGo Carrier. This thing is truly amazing.  I had done some research on it when I was pregnant, but didn’t actually purchase one until the twins were about 7.5 months old.  Honestly, I didn’t realize how much it would help my life daily.



As any mom of twins will tell you, it takes some serious planning to survive the first year of motherhood.  So, for the first 7.5 months of Kai and Kaydence’s lives we used our Maxi Cosi baby car seats and carried the babies in that or attached them to our Bugaboo donkey stroller when we went out.  This wasn’t bad when we would go places like the mall or Target, but if I was taking them to a doctor’s appointment or somewhere with lots of tight doorways, it became a little bit of a nuisance.   I got used to it and realized this was just something I had to do because there was no other way to transport both of them, and the diaper bag and everything I’d need…so it wasn’t a big deal.  I did it for months because I just didn’t think there was any other way.  I even lugged the entire stroller in and out of Briana’s preschool every morning just to drop her off! I did this for quite a few weeks before I decided to give the TwinGo a whirl (what was I waiting for?!)


When I finally decided to invest in it I was beyond thrilled. I now use it multiple times a day and I never leave home without it.  I even purchased a second one recently (the TwinGo Air model) and love having one for home and one for outings. 

The original model has these great, big pockets on both panels that house your cell phone, wallet, keys, diapers, wipes and bottles if you need to and the Air model has a small pocket on the waist that is big enough to house an iphone Plus. 


The first time I used the TwinGo when I was alone with the babies was on a trip to our local Publix grocery store…I can’t even describe how freeing this experience was for me.  Tandem baby wearing can seem intimidating at first, and of course it takes practice to get the TwinGo on by myself the first few times (now we’re experts)!  But the feeling of independence and freedom is one I will never forget.  People always notice and say “wow, you’ve got your hands full,” but they never really stop to think, I literally don’t have any hands when it’s two of them and one of me (I’m outnumbered!). The feeling I had once I had the two babies in the carrier and I was pushing a cart with all the groceries I needed for my family of 5, there was this huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  It was almost like I had been reborn…I was that strong, independent woman again. I really am Super Mom!  I can do anything with my TwinGo and I don’t have to sacrifice Kai and Kaydence’s happiness to do it!  They get to stay with me and they get to be comfortable (they love the carrier).  We get to go wherever we want to, even when Daddy’s at work! 

We also used the TwinGo when we traveled to Pennsylvania for their first birthday and boy was it a lifesaver running around the airport and when we went to Sesame Place

We use it every morning for daycare drop off too, it has definitely been worth the investment.  This is one thing I will say to all twin moms…get a TwinGo because once they’re old enough to support their heads-it is a complete game-changer! 


 About the Author: Ariana is a twin mom (plus 1) living in sunny Florida. When she’s not chasing around one of the three kids, she’s out in the community working as an American Sign Language Interpreter.  She is also the author of Twin Mom Uncensored.