The Mystical Side of Things: Twin Premonitions

October 22, 2017

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Sometimes other worldly things start to creep into our ordinary worlds. Whether you have that uneasy feeling of deja vu or someone tells you something they shouldn’t know, we all have those experiences that make the hair on the back of our arms stand up.

That got us at TwinGo thinking, was your twin revelation mysterious? Did you just KNOW you were having twins? Did you have any intuition or family history that lead you to think you had twins before it was confirmed? We talked to several TwinGo families to get the inside scoop.

While there are plenty of people that were totally blindsided by the news of twins, plenty of you had a sneaking suspicion that twins were on the way. Several people even reported some pretty wild dreams to us. One TwinGo Mom dreamed about her ultrasound before it happened, and another mom told us that her mother dreamed that twins were going to be on the way. She was so positive about the dream she bought two bassinets just in case. That is one excited grandma. Wow!

Some dreams were so vivid, they blew our minds. Another TwinGo family told us that they dreamed of their slightly older twins running and playing in sprinklers before they found out their duo was on the way. What an amazing image to look forward to as you are moving through the trenches with newborn twins. Such a sweet future ahead!

What is even crazier is seeing vivid dreams come to fruition. One of our favorite stories was of a family where the mommy-to-be dreamed that she was rocking a small baby who was struggling to nurse. She glanced around the room and saw two of everything, including two blue teddy bears. As it turns out, she was pregnant with MoMo boy twins (two cute little teddy bears) who did struggle to nurse due to prematurity until they reached a more full-term size. Talk about a peak into the future.

In addition to those of you who had some crazy dreams, we also heard from a lot of you who just “knew.” Whether it was your first pregnancy or you had already been in the trenches, several of you simply had a gut feeling that two were on deck. One mom told us that she didn’t feel quite right, and as soon as she found out a dear friend of hers was having twins, it clicked in her mind that twins would be on the way for her. One TwinGo dad was certain it was twins and the happy couple cried tears of joy when the docs confirmed their dream come true. But even those who had a hunch could sometimes got a curveball. One momma to a sweet toddler boy had a history of twins in her family, so she braced for the possibility. Turns out, she was pregnant with twins, but they were identical (spontaneous and not familial) and not fraternal. What are the odds?  

And then there were those who were blindsided by friends and family who just “knew.” Our favorite is of the sweet mama whose four kids who started praying that God would bless them with twin babies in their family. Despite mom and dad’s protests and attempts to keep to a family of six, mom conceived. She then gave dad a basketball to let him know that the family would be a full starting lineup. Later she felt God’s spirit whispering to her that two would be due. When she confirmed this with the docs and told her kiddos, they said that God had answered their prayers. Perhaps their family plans were being planned by a bigger planner? Another mother heard from multiple friends and family that they should have twins, and that she would be a great twin parent. She even had one of her patients tell her she had dreamed of her twins just a week before confirmation of multiples. How amazing!

The next time you or someone you know has a dream or a gut instinct about something, you may want to stop and give it a second thought. You never know if those gut feelings, hunches, or dreams are some other worldly peak into your future.