TwinGo Carrier Labor Day Giveaway!

September 01, 2017

twin baby product giveaway on twin blog


It’s Labor Day, and we’re looking for a reason to celebrate! We’ve got an amazing line up of the best baby products on the market, and we’re ready to give them away to a new or expecting twin parent!

We’ve got over $500 worth of goods, and all you have to do is visit our entry link to win. Have friends that are expecting? Remember to tag/share with them as well! We’re so excited for this bundle to go to an amazing twin family.  




TwinGo Carrier Lite Model
The TwinGo Lite is the same great quality as the Original model but is lighter weight and sports a minimalistic pocketless design. Tandem with twins or two children of different ages! The Lite model easily converts into one single-child carrier AND you can purchase an extra set of shoulder straps to create two single-child carriers (just like the Original). You have options! Plus, our ergonomic inward-facing position is healthy for your baby's hip development and enables you to comfortably carry the added weight of two.

Teething Toes Teething Socks
Teething Bites!  Teething Toes is a fun sock toy with bite-sized silicone toes. Easy for a baby to wear or hold, it reaches all incoming teeth helping relieve the teething process, without sacrificing your fingers!  At four months, babies begin making noticeable discoveries and one new favorite is their toes. Designed by a mom who watched her son struggle painfully in the teething stage, Teething Toes gave him something easy to chew and self-sooth (read Donna’s invention story). The teether is sewn securely to the sock. For babies between 3-18 months.

twin teething product giveaway on twin blog

The Brushies Gift Set
The Brushies are the world’s very first finger puppet toothbrushes for infants and toddlers. With four lovable characters to choose from (Pinky the Pig, Chomp the Dinosaur, Momo the Monkey and Willa the Whale), The Brushies set includes a board book that tells how each one battles the dreaded sugar bugs. The Brushies characters inspire our silly side because play opens the door to let caregivers in. All together, The Brushies makes a once challenging daily routine fun, setting kids up for life with a healthy habit.

baby toddler toothbrush on twin blog giveaway

Twin Z Pillow w/ Cover of Choice
As seen on ABC's Show Shark Tank, the Twin Z Pillow is a 6 in 1 MUST HAVE pillow for parents of multiples!  The Twin Z Pillow incorporates amazing back support when nursing 2 babies at one time and is the most versatile twin pillow on the market!  Other uses for the Twin Z Pillow include bottle feeding assistance, tummy time, pregnancy pillow, infant reflux and assisted sitting!

twin pillow on twin blog giveaway

Sarah Wells Limited Edition Le Floral Pumparoo
The "Pumparoo," is the ORIGINAL breast pump parts wet/dry bag + staging mat from Sarah Wells, who offers the top breast pump bag designs on the market. This wet/dry bag + ALL NEW "staging mat" design serves as a transport pouch for flanges, bottles, bags and more and and also serves as a clean space to setup/take down your breast pump parts. * BPA-free * PVC-free * Phthalate-free * Lead-free zippers Bonus features: The wrist strap will go all the way around your wet/dry bag if you fold the bag into quarters. Carry it compactly! Use the front (smaller) zip compartment for dry items and the main (larger) zip compartment for wet items (waterproof). Lots of other uses for the wet/dry bag: diapers, swim suit, snacks, messy clothes! 

breastpump accessory bag on twin blog giveaway

Neat Solutions Bath Set
2 bath gift sets containing Neat Solutions character bath wrap, robe, washcloth set and 2 pack hooded towel. You select the print/color after you win!

twin baby product giveaway on twin blog

twin baby product giveaway on twin blogtwin baby product giveaway on twin blog

Spray Pal Cloth Diaper Cleaner
Spray Pal® is more than just a cloth diapering accessory, it’s a community. What started as one family's simple solution tospraying cloth diapers has grown into a line of helpful products from a brand you can trust. More than that, Spray Pal has become a community of support for anyone interested in learning about modern cloth diapers as we work to promote the mission we started in 2013, with the hashtag #makeclothmainstream™

twin cloth diaper product giveaway on twin blog

Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers
Two All-in-One diaper sets. Your choice of print! Visit their website to see all the adorable styles/colors Sweet Pea offers.

cloth diaper twin giveaway on twin blog

cloth diaper giveaway on twin blog



More than anything, we’d love this giveaway to go to a deserving twin family. Please tag our Facebook post and share with anyone you think would benefit from this awesome giveaway bundle!




Giveaway ends on Monday September 4th, 11:59pm EST. US Entrants only. Winner will be contacted via email and/or Facebook Messenger to receive their prize.