Gift Guide for Expecting Twin Moms

November 03, 2018

Gift Buying Guide for Expecting Twin Moms

In this Gift Buying Guide for Expecting Twin Moms we've compiled ideas for that soon-to-be twin mom in your life.  A thoughtful gift will mean the world her and her help save her sanity in the first year of motherhood
Every mom wishes she could have an extra hand time and time again.  Help the twin mom in your life feel empowered by getting her this TwinGo Carrier.  One great thing about the TwinGo Carrier is that it can be divided into two independent carriers with the infant inserts for two adults to carry infant twins.  
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Who doesn't love the perfect fitted tee?  Wear it proudly through pregnancy and long after. This Twin Mom tee is sure to be a beloved present.  
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Halo sleep sacks are a favorite with many newborn parents, the Halo Twin Bassinet will easily become a favorite as well.  The bassinet fits well next to your bed for those late night feedings.  Twin parents everywhere will thank you for this gift. 
twin bassinet, twin crib, Halo bassinet
My Brest Friend twin nursing pillow will literally become mom's best friend, she'll spend so much time feeding newborns.  Either breastfeeding or bottle feeding a good twin pillow is a must have for every twin family. 
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Get ready for two heartbeats, 20 fingers, and 20 toes, with this new book. You Can Two delivers essential information and practical prep strategies to get expecting parents ready for the joys of twinfancy. From mental and emotional prep to feeding, and everything in between, this action-oriented guide covers the broad spectrum of how to tackle the first few months after your babies arrive. Complete with real advice and encouraging anecdotes from parents who have been there, You Can Two is a go-to reference to remember that you can do this.

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With two babies it is more important than ever to be able to keep an eye on baby while sleeping.  You know you're a twin mom when you're constantly hearing crying, even if sometimes it is only in your head. A baby monitor like this Infant Optics Video Monitor  will do the trick nicely and give Mom a little peace knowing she can see her babies at all times. 
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Personalized gifts are always a hit, these Matching Twin Onesies can be just the right touch for a truly memorable gift.  
twin onesies, matching onesies, boy girl twins
These two celebrated authors: J. Patrick Lewis and Jane Yolen have written this fabulous collection of original poems for your twins (and everyone who loves them).  Take Two is the perfect book to share with your friends and family awaiting twins. 
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Any twin mom-to-be has so many things on her mind during pregnancy.  Why not help her prepare with one of these thoughtful gifts?   
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