St. Patrick's Day: Twin Edition

March 06, 2019

St. Patrick's Day: Twin Edition

I am lucky I have twins

Do you have newborn twins or are you expecting twins this year?  Every single holiday becomes a celebration when twins are involved.  Can you blame us? Everything in double is ALWAYS cuter!  Whether you cared or celebrated St. Patrick's day in anyway before becoming parents, this year you'll want to check out these lucky finds to create your own family traditions.

His and Hers T-shirts

For starters, we've found this amazing duo of his and hers tees from Yummy Tees.  If you're pregnant with twins this St. Patrick's Day these tees are sure to be a hit! 

St. Patrick's Day pregnant with twins


Shamrock Footprints

If it's a birth announcement you are looking for, try going for something like a shamrock footprint like this one from Pine and Poem Baby

 baby footprint print, twin footprints st. patrick's day

Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Looking for a way to announce your pregnancy in the near future?  Like I mentioned, holidays become mega important once you're a parent.  Why not make your announcement to the world on St. Patty's Day with this digital download from Chalking It Up Boards.

 Twin pregnancy announcement

Matching Twin Onesies

Check out these adorable matching onesies that are sure to be a hit at any St. Patrick's Day celebrations. 

matching twins onesies st patrick's day

Shamrock Cookie Cutter Cookies

If you are feeling a little festive this year, but are short on time (who isn't with twins in the house?) then try these cookie cutter cookies to add a nice hint of green to your weekend. 

cookie cutter cookies, shamrock cookies, st. patrick's day

First Birthday Celebration

Do you have twins' turning the lucky ONE this month?  Celebrate with this cake topper decoration and don't forget to buy two if you're doing double cakes for your twinners to smash! 

 Lucky one birthday cake topper

 Happy St. Patty's Day!